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7 Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal What They Eat In A Day

This Ain’t No Secret – We’re Giving Away What 7 Victoria’s Secret Models Eat in a Day

Who doesn’t wish they had the body of a Victoria’s secret model? That’s right… no one. To look as good as they do, you’d think their diets were next to impossible to replicate. Good news! They aren’t aliens, they are just human… with amazing looks. They eat a majority of the foods we do! Some eat even more than we do… Like Gigi. Wouldn’t that be nice? Take a dive into the slideshow to undercover the diets of seven Victoria’s Secret models.


So how does Karlie prep for a show and balance a normal life? Karlie tells Cosmopolitan, “I don’t think people realize half of the things that we do [or eat]. We are humans, we are normal — I live my life, I have a wonderful, happy, healthy life. I indulge! But I also work hard. I work out and I train and I’m very active and always healthy, but, you know … I have a sweet tooth. It’s about balance, because that’s the only way to [keep your routine] sustainable. I don’t diet; I’m not a fan of diets or fasts. I just do my best to stay healthy.”

On the day of the show, Karlie “stay[s] hydrated; we’re all really on the go, so you just have to stay hydrated more than anything. I’m chugging down fruit juices, and for breakfast, mainly out of necessity because [of how early the call time was] I had a cookie. A Karlie’s Kookie! I eat them for breakfast often, because it’s almond flour, a handful of almonds, it’s oats, it’s agave and olive oil. So you have a bit of clean energy. It’s like a power bar.”