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Become A Healthy Baker By Replacing Butter With One Of These Substitutes

Have you ever really thought about butter? How much of it do you really consume?

Unless you’re vegan or dairy-free, butter is a part of your everyday diet more than you probably realize. Butter is in everything and that’s because so many people cook with butter. How could they not? Butter is a block of fat and cholesterol with a creamy taste that’s hard to replace. It’s no wonder it’s usually a key ingredient in most baked goods. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re trying to cut down on your dairy intake, you should take a look at butter alternatives. Here are nine delicious ingredients you can easily substitute for butter:

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter has the word “butter” in it but this ingredient is completely dairy-free. Cocoa butter is made from the fatty portion of the cocoa bean; which is where chocolate comes from. This healthy fat is high in antioxidants and a delicious vegetarian substitute for regular butter. With that said, cocoa butter is incredibly solid and if you’re baking with it you should mix it with a liquid. Cocoa oil or coconut oil would be two great options for that!


Applesauce is the butter substitute for anyone who loves a nice, moist dessert. A lot of vegan recipes already use applesauce in replacement of butter, and sometimes even oils. If you’re working with a recipe that’s not vegan, you can still make it work without having to alter the ingredient section. Replace the word “butter” with “applesauce” and mix in the amount listed on the recipe. If you’re not interested in creating a moist dessert, swap out half of the butter requirement with applesauce and include half of another butter substitute like cocoa butter.