Cereal Hacks

Cereal Hacks

When natives of other countries look at some of what we eat for the first meal of the day here in the States, they might wonder why we seem to have confused dessert for breakfast. Well, let’s face it, we kind of do. A staple in our arsenal of sweet-tooth satisfying treats is the almighty breakfast cereal with its endless variations and hues. Here are 17 ways to fully embrace the sweetness of our start-of-the-day culinary habits.

1. Lucky Charms Milk Ice Cream

Cereal Hacks Here’s a simple, two-ingredient ice cream idea that captures the joy of gulping down the sugary milk left over after a bowl of sweet cereal hacks. Take a cup of your cereal of choice, two cups of heavy cream, and a can of condensed milk. Soak the cereal in the cream for 20 minutes, straining out the cream afterward. Whip the cream to soft peaks, add the condensed milk and strained cereal and freeze for at least four hours.

2. Fruity Pebbles Bowls and Taco Shells

Cereal Hacks There’s something about edible containers that kids really enjoy. Create a variety of cereal-y shapes by mixing Fruity Pebbles into a melted mix of equal parts cups of marshmallows to tablespoons of unsalted butter. Spray the makeshift mold of your choice, whether it be a bowl or the recesses of a muffin tin, with non-stick spray and mold the mix to your liking. Let cool.

3. Fruity Pebbles French Toast

Cereal Hacks Ever wish french toast were even more decadent? Take a traditional french toast batter—eggs, half and half, sugar, and a touch of cinnamon—and soak your bread as usual. Dip the soaked bread into Fruity Pebbles before browning in a buttered pan. Top with syrup, whipped cream, and even extra cereal for an explosion of color and sweetness to knock you out before noon.

4. Cereal Milk Lattes

Cereal Hacks Add some texture and flavor to your morning coffee with this next cereal hacks trick. Combine some milk and your cereal of choice—we chose Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs for the simplicity—and let soak. Remove the cereal and shake the milk to get it nice and frothy before topping your coffee with the sweetened concoction, garnishing with some fresh cereal for that final little touch.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Banana Bread

Cereal Hacks A recurring theme we’re seeing here is how cereal can serve as a quick and easy way to add both flavor and texture to old favorites: Cinnamon Toast Crunch works as the perfect accompaniment to some banana bread. Crush the cereal, combine it with some butter and sugar, and set aside. Prepare your favorite banana bread mix and, before baking, generously top the poured batter with the cereal mix for a crispy, cinnamon-in-crust.

6. Lucky Charms Cookies

Cereal Hacks Lucky Charms works well to jazz up some traditional sugar cookies with their colorful marshmallows and good fortune. First, separate the cereal from the marshmallows, as you might’ve done as a kid! Prepare your favorite classic sugar cookie batter—flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, salt, baking soda—and include with it the cereal ground fine. Once the batter is mixed, fold in the marshmallows before baking.

7. Cereal Shot Glasses

Cereal Shot Glasses Who says it’s just the kids who get to have fun? Of course, this cereal trick can be enjoyed in conjunction with all sorts of beverages, from ice cold milk to something a bit more daring. With the same cereal marshmallow-butter melt used in our earlier entry, fill shot glass molds and allow them to cool. Once you pop them out, coat the inside with some melted white chocolate for more flavor and structural integrity.

8. Cocoa Puffs Milkshake

Cereal Hacks You already know this is going to be good. Infuse one and a half cups of milk with the essence of one cup of Cocoa Puffs for 30 minutes, then stick the lot in a blender with two scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream. Top with whipped cream and more Cocoa Puffs. Milky, with a hint of chocolate. That was easy.

9. Layered Rainbow Froot Loops Pudding

Cereal Give pudding a cereal-y twist by substituting Froot Loops-infused milk for regular milk. Double down on the spirit of Toucan Sam’s classic rings by dyeing six batches of the pudding red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and layering in rainbow order. Top with whipped cream and crushed cereal to present.

10. Crunch Berry Rainbow Pancakes

C-Hacks Pancakes have always been yet another is-this-breakfast-or-dessert classic. Bring the wild colors of Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries to the next level: dye a few batches of pancake batter to match the cereal berries, then crush berries of the respective colors to add to the mixes. Stack the multicolored pancakes and drown in cereal milk glaze, whipped cream, and more cereal.

11. Fruit Loops Rainbow Treat Cake

C-Hacks Rice Krispies have always set the standard for marshmallow-cereal treats, but here’s a fun offshoot that’s sure to please the eye. Separate a bunch of Fruit Loops by color, and then with a combination of melted butter and marshmallows, construct layers of color-coordinated cereal to stacking in rainbow order. Just like Rice Krispies, with more dazzle and flavor!

12. Fruity Pebbles Rainbow Donuts

C-Hacks How can you improve a box of donuts? It’s tough, to be sure, but you might give it a shot with these rainbow donuts. Take some time to sort some Fruity Pebbles by the color—it’ll take time for sure, but your guests will respect the effort—and melt some white chocolate. Dip the donuts in the chocolate and decorate half of the donuts with a rainbow of Pebbles.

13. Lucky Charms Chex Mix

C-Hacks Cereals like Lucky Charms make the perfect base for some sweet-and-salty snack mix. Mix some Lucky Charms, Chex, mini-pretzels, popcorn, and honestly whatever else you’d like. Drizzle some melted white chocolate over the mix for some extra sweetness and to bind it all together. Then salt as you’d like for some balance.