Fall 2021 Cooking Panda Box Fall Food Hacks

Fall 2021 Cooking Panda Box Fall Food Hacks

1. Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Fall Food Hacks

Nothing says fall quite like classic comfort food, and chicken pot pie is at the top of our list! These individual pot pies are easy to make and will leave you feeling nourished and full. Don’t have time to cook chicken breast? We understand! That’s why this recipe uses Starkist Premium White Chicken that you can simply add to your veggies on the stovetop before transferring into a ramekin for baking. No need to worry about uncooked chicken, as Starkist is already fully cooked! Top with pie crust for the flakey crust that is so characteristic of pot pies, and bake for 8-10 minutes in the oven. All that’s left to do is let these pot pies cool down before digging in and enjoying your veggie-packed chicken pot pie!

2. Pop Top Veggie Peeler

Fall Food Hacks


Life hacks that save time and money are what we are all about, so we present to you a new way to peel your veggies without having to purchase a traditional peeler! Whether you live in a dorm room, you’ve recently moved, or you just never invested in a peeler, we got you covered. It’s simple: all you do is remove the pop-top from an empty Poppi Strawberry Lemon Probiotic Soda, and, holding the pop-top with your thumb and index finger, draw across carrots, potatoes, or whatever else you need to be peeled! This technique is great for removing the skin or creating thin slices of veggies to add to your sandwich or veggie platter. And the best part is, this technique is pretty fun and makes your time in the kitchen just that much more enjoyable - you’re welcome! ;)

3. 3 Minute Soup

3 Minute Soup


Say goodbye to canned soup and hello to freshness made simple and delicious! All you need is 3 minutes, some simple veggies like leeks, peas, snap peas, a little dill, and our secret ingredient, Yondu Vegetable Umami! Yondu Vegetable Umami is flavorful and rich, elevating your veggies with that meaty, savory deliciousness that umami delivers. A little goes a long way, so add it sparingly to the soup. This soup is kept easy and simple because of the rich flavors of the Umami, so you don’t even have to stock up on ingredients from the store. This dish is a great way to stay on track with your health goals if you’re looking for a lighter meal or a way to use up those veggie scraps that would otherwise be in the compost. Enjoy!

4. Freeze your Herbs

Fall 2021 Cooking Panda Box Fall Food Hacks


Do you struggle with your fresh herbs going bad before you can use them? It’s okay, we all do! Luckily, there’s a great way to preserve herbs so that you still get that extra seasoning for your meals and it’s quite simple. All you have to do is chop up your desired herbs to your liking. And add them to ice tray cubes. Each cube can have a different herb, or you can fill the whole tray up with the same herb - it’s totally up to you! Fill the cube up with Star Fine Foods Premium First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and put it into the freezer until you need them next! Then all you have to do is take out a cube whenever you need a little extra seasoning and let it defrost in the pan. This hack also works great with garlic or onions! So simple and saves all these great herbs from going to waste. Yay!

5. Frozen Pasta Sauce Cubes

Fall Food Hacks


Looking to keep your pasta sauce fresher for longer? Try freezing the sauce in ice cube trays! With smaller portions, you can make personal meals with zero-waste. You can keep the sauce for longer than the fridge alone, and they defrost so quickly in the pan! All you have to do is pour pasta sauce into an ice cube tray. And mix in Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried Basil for a delicious flavor that saves you time later. With so many great benefits, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think to do this earlier!

6. Ice Cube Tray Sushi

fall 2021


I think we can all agree that sushi is delicious. But that the process of rolling sushi is enough to deter us most of the time. We’ve found a solution that doesn’t require any tedious rolling and you can still enjoy all your favorite sushi! Introducing ice cube tray sushi: sushi packed into ice cube trays for easy assembly and easier cleanup. Find your favorite sushi rice and favorite fish, veggies, and whatever else you enjoy in your sushi. For a salty texture, add in pieces of gimMe Snacks Sea Salt Premium Roasted Seaweed that will make your sushi mouthwatering good! Simply layer your ingredients into the ice cube trays and lift them out when you’re ready to enjoy!

7. Crazy Cucumbers

Food Hacks Let’s get healthy, and crazy, with fan-favorite cucumbers! Our crazy cucumbers are a fun way to use up the cucumbers in your fridge. All while getting in your daily veggies. Begin by hollowing out a cucumber. And dipping the “rim” into sriracha and tajín Clásico Seasoning for a hint of spice that will balance with the freshness of the cucumber. Fill the cucumber up with jicama, mango, peanuts, and tortilla chips, or whatever toppings you desire! Simply bite into the cucumber, or cut into pieces, and enjoy. Crazy cucumbers are great for group gatherings or for snacking on throughout the day; no matter how you are consuming them, we’re sure you’ll love them!