Kitchen Gadget Hacks

Kitchen Gadget Hacks

The illustrious Ali Wong once said of her financial dreams, “That’s when you know you’ve made it. When you’re eating mango sliced by a dude named Noah.” While not all of us might be living the dream of eating $10 sliced, boxed mango from Whole Foods, here are 9 snazzy kitchen gadget hacks that might give you a taste of the dream. If nothing else, Kitchen Gadget Hacks will help you prep and garnish in your kitchen with style. Kitchen Gadget Hacks

1. Egg Yolk Separator

Separating your eggs and yolks can be a vital step in many baking or diet-conscious project. This adorable egg yolk separator takes much of the hassle out of this process: crack an egg inside, and let the whites drizzle out of the little ceramic beak. Is it a cute, chunky chicken spitting out the whites of chicken eggs? Never has a kitchen gadget been so adorably morbid—definitely an aesthetic. Kitchen Gadget Hacks

2. Jar Opener

Every encounter one of those jars that make you wonder if the manufacturer actually wants you to enjoy their product? It’s like the sword in the stone or Thor’s hammer: if you manage to open it, you become lord of some magical kingdom. Rather than break your wrists, why not snag this handy jar opener, smartly designed with three groove sizes to tackle all manner of stubborn lids? Kitchen Gadget Hacks

3. Mayo Knife

Speaking of hostile container design, someone’s got to get jar makers and knife makers in the same room to squash their beef. Are those even real jobs? Anyways, thank the designers of this mayo knife, whose curves work to lap up that last bit of mayo in the contours of its jar. A smart, easy way to cut down on hassle and waste. Kitchen Gadget Hacks

4. Fruit and Veggie Slicer

While slicing and dicing fruits and veggies is a fundamental skill to develop in any home-chef journey, sometimes we might need a little help getting those perfectly equal pieces. Fruit slicer to the rescue: this gadget allows you to hold the likes of tomatoes and oranges snug while you use the built-in grooves to get those delectably proportional slices. This Kitchen Gadget Hacks Handy for garnishing and presentation! Kitchen Gadget Hacks

5. Strawberry Corer

The little leafy nubs of strawberries work well as nature’s munch-ready handles. But what if you’re looking to mutilate the berries the other way round? This gadget takes all of the involved knife work out of coring strawberries, leaving you with nothing but the good stuff. Use this together with your handy fruit slicer to have fruit prepped ready for a tall glass of sparkling water! Kitchen Gadget Hacks

6. Apple Corer

Did you know that apple seeds contain a tiny, tiny amount of cyanide? Save your precious life with this apple corer, which works swiftly to get rid of the bits of the fruit we tend to not eat. Okay, the cyanide is so traced as to be harmless. But either way, this gadget is sure to save you time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gadget Hack

7. Corn Separator

Nothing beats corn right off the cob. But should you find yourself in need of kernels this gadget will save you the stress of wasting any golden niblets? Simply insert the whole core and push downwards, and the gadget will work to strip off all the kernels. Get yourself some “Everything But Elote” seasoning from Trader’s Joe’s to have a good time. Gadget Hack

8. Egg Peeler

This rather ingenious tool will help prevent ruining your perfect, glossy boiled eggs. When you place your egg in the peeler along with a bit of water, the nubs within the peeler work to break up the shell bit by bit for easy peeling. No more stray shell bits or gouged egg whites! Gadget Hack

9. Lemon and Lime Sprayer

Two words. Fruit. Cyborg. This handy gadget takes a real, natural lemon or lime and transforms it into a citrus juice sprayer. All you need to do is slice the tip of the fruit off, plug in the sprayer, and spray away. In conclusion, This is a quick and easy way to add that touch of acidity to your dishes, a fundamental part of any great meal.