Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks

Our 2021 Spring foodie box comes with dozens of new snacks, sauces, and ingredients for both chefs and food enthusiasts to discover and enjoy. Here are 15 tips and tricks designed to help you get the most out of all the little wonders to be found in our latest seasonal package!

1. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks UTZ’s peanut-butter-filled pretzel bites serve up the perfect morsel of sweet and savory. Take this classic flavor combination to the next level with homemade pretzel bars. Crush the pretzel bites and mix thoroughly with a nice helping of sweetened condensed milk. Spread the mixture out on a paper-lined baking sheet, freeze, then cut, cover in chocolate, and drizzle with some extra peanut butter and Duxbury Salt for a decadent treat.

2. Tea-Infused Frosting

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks Infuse your favorite buttercream frosting recipe with the depth of flavor to be found in Republic of Tea’s premium tea bags. As you prepare the melted butter as per most buttercream frosting recipes, pour the butter itself over three tea bags and let infuse for 5 minutes. Cool the butter in the fridge, then finish up the frosting by blending the tea butter with cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

3. Mango Chili Glass Rim

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks The Twang salty-sweet Mango Chili blend is great with too many things to list here practically. Add some zest to your favorite drink by pressing the rim of an empty glass into the fruit of half a mango. Then, with this touch of juice now on the rim, dip the rim into the Mango Chile powder for a kiss of added flavor with every sip.

4. Coffee-Enhanced Chocolate Cake

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks Might we suggest marrying the chocolate richness of Bob’s Red Mill Cake mix with the warmth of Don Francisco coffee? When the cake recipe calls for water, opt for a cup of coffee instead. The savory and slightly bitter notes of coffee will work to complement and enhance the flavor of the chocolate.

5. Instant Mashed Potatoes

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks If you looked at the cup of Jagarico potato crisps and thought “instant noodles,” then you’re already ahead of the game for this one. Fill the crisp cup with some hot water about 3 cm from the bottom and let sit for a good two minutes with the lid closed, a la cup of noodles. Remove the lid and mash the crisps in the cup, then let sit for another minute. After that, finish off with a bit of butter, or, dare we say, some gravy for a quick and easy savory snack.

6. Homemade Gummy Bears

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks With their wide assortment of fruity and dessert flavors, D’Gari gelatin mixes are perfect for some made-at-home gummy bears. Take some gummy bear molds that you can find quickly and easily online and dust them lightly with some corn starch. Then, take about half an ounce of unflavored gelatin to every three ounces of flavored gelatin and whisk in a third cup of water in a saucepan over medium-low heat until dissolved. Fill your molds, cool in the fridge for about 20 minutes, then pop out and enjoy!

7. Salame Roses

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks Okay, bear with us for a second. With this combination of just two humble ingredients, anyone can create this surprisingly lovely and delicate treat. Take some hot green peppers and cut them in half, keeping the stem end. De-seed the peppers, then carefully cut a zig-zag pattern along with the mouth of the end. Then, take some nice salame, courtesy of Citterio USA, and fold in half once and then a second time to create the “petals” to be slipped into the awaiting pepper ends.

8. Frozen Olives for Martinis

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks Smooth out the process of martini-making with this frozen olive hack. Take some nice STAR olives and arrange them stuck with toothpicks in a regular ice-cube tray. After that, fill the recesses with some vermouth Bianco and freeze. The resulting cubes will ensure that your martini-shaking will stay cool and flavorful.

9. Spicy Pizza Sticks

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks Combine the flavors of your Otamot tomato sauce, Kartago hot sauce, and Citterio salami for a quick and easy variation on a classic. Layer the tomato sauce, hot sauce, then salami in some ready-made egg-roll wraps, along with some mozzarella, then wrap and fry. Make sure to appreciate the golden brown crispiness and that cheese pull before you dig in.

10. Two-Ingredient Tomato Soup

Spring 2021 Cooking Panda Box Recipe Hacks All you need is some more of that Otamot tomato sauce (did you also just realize that’s “tomato” spelled backward?) to bring to heat with some heavy cream. Simple, quick, and easy, there’s nothing like a simple tomato soup paired with some grilled cheese to enjoy.

11. Rice Saves Salt Shakers

Spring Box Turns out rice can be used for more than just filling bellies and saving wet phones. If you’re having trouble with clumping in your salt shakers, try adding some uncooked rice to help break up the clumps. Then simply add ice to the shaker, close, and shake up. Use some seasoned rice like RightRice to add some extra kick to your seasoning.

12. Candy Bar Coffee

Spring Box Sometimes you want some candy but also need to maintain the illusion of adulthood. Next time you use one of Don Francisco’s k-cups, try balancing a piece of Hammond’s Candy over your cup in line with where the coffee will pour out. Watch as the hot coffee drizzles of the candy, ultimately melting it into your waiting mug. Sweet.

13. No-Boil Pasta Bake

Spring Box If you can overcome the urge to keep that Hello Kitty pasta perfectly intact for all time, then try this easy pasta recipe. Simply fill a baking dish with your uncooked pasta, water or broth, sauce, seasoning, and a bit of heavy cream along with whatever else you’d like to include. Stir well then cover the dish with aluminum foil. Bake for 40 minutes at 400 Fahrenheit. Remove, sprinkle with cheese and any final quick-cooking additions, and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes.

14. Perfect Microwave Cookie

Spring Box Farin’UP’s cookie dough mix makes it easy to prepare some dough to freeze and bake as you please. If you’re feeling extra “Sunday morning,” take a dollop of cookie dough and microwave for 30 seconds in a mug. Then top with ice cream for a quick bite of decadence. You probably deserve it.

15. Chocolate Almond Milk

Spring Box While Skinny Dipped chocolate-covered almonds make for a sweet snack. They can make for a refreshing glass of almond milk as well. Place a cup of the almonds in a blender along with 3 cups of water and a teaspoon of honey or vanilla extract. Then pulse on low until evenly mixed, then on high for another few minutes. In Conclusion, strain the mixture through cheesecloth into a cup to get rid of any remaining chunks and enjoy!