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10 Marvelous New Ways To Enjoy A Corn Dog (Recipes)

Do you love corn dogs as much as we do? Why not whip up your favorite childhood treat for an indulgent dinner that kids of all ages will love?

If you're looking to make your favorite classic corn dogs, here's a good, simple recipe. And here's how to make a vegan version.

But don't stop there! The sky's the limit with these deliciously crunchy, breaded treats. We've found some truly delightful ways to put a new spin on the classic comfort snack, just in case you want an update. Here are our favorite ways to eat corn dogs:

1. Ramen Corn Dog

Ramen Corn Dog

Hearken back to your college days with this super affordable, simple way to make your corn dogs extra crispy! If you really want to embrace the ramen-ness of the whole situation, we recommend swapping out the salt in the batter for some of the seasoning packet. It's more fun that way!

2. Jalapeno Pretzel Dogs with Cheddar Beer Sauce

Jalapeno Pretzel Dogs with Cheddar Beer Sauce

Ok, maybe these are a bit of a departure from your usual battered corn dogs, but if you're looking to switch things up, these spicy pretzel dogs might just be exactly what you need. Plus, you get to dip them in tangy beer cheese fondue, as if you needed any more incentive to eat them.

3. Mini Beer Corn Dogs

Mini Beer Corn Dogs

Mini food always tastes better, for some unknown reason. (Seriously, we don't know why.) Add some beer into your batter to give that extra touch of savory appeal, and you're in for a real treat. Simple, yet delicious.

4. Spicy Hot Link Corn Dogs with Cajun Honey Mustard

Corn Dogs with Cajun Honey

If you're looking to add some more flavor to your corn dog, you'll love this spicy Cajun take. You can use any type of sausage that you want (just make sure they are fully cooked before dunking in the batter), but we recommend sticking with the pre-cooked variety, as the texture resembles a hot dog much more than the kind you cook yourself, if you're going for that.

5. Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs

Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs

If you love corn dogs but don't want to deal with the mess and hassle associated with a big bowl of batter and pan full of hot oil, just pick up a can of crescent rolls and skip that step entirely. Coat the whole thing in your favorite type of cheese-flavored tortilla chips and you're good to go.

6. Doughnut-Sausage Corn Dogs

Doughnut-Sausage Corn Dogs

If you're big on breakfast but can never quite decide whether you want something sweet or savory, why not just have it all and fry your breakfast sausages in donut batter? This is not a drill!

7. Indian-Inspired Corn Dogs with Mango Dipping Sauce

Indian-Inspired Corn Dogs with Mango Dipping Sauce ​

Talk about FLAVOR. These garam-masala-spiced batter-wrapped kielbasas are the perfect complement to the lime/jalapeno/mango aioli-style dipping sauce. Amazing!

8. Shrimp Corn Dogs

Shrimp Corn Dogs

We're going to go ahead and say that these count as corn dogs, since they get dipped in the right kind of batter, but we invite debate on this one. As long as we can dunk these fried shrimp bites into the horseradish honey mustard while we do it.

9. Spicy Chicken Corn Dogs with Homemade Tangy Chili Sauce

Spicy Chicken Corn Dogs with Homemade Tangy Chili Sauce

CHICKEN SAUSAGE CORN DOGS??? That's almost as uncorndoglike as the shrimp ones!! Yeah, yeah, we know. But taste how delicious these are, and you won't care.

10. Biscoff Spread Filled Corn Dogs

Biscoff Spread Filled Corn Dogs

Make these for dessert! The ingredient list is rather short, so it's pretty simple once you freeze the cookie butter, so long as you make sure to thoroughly coat each "dog" in batter to keep that biscoff sealed in.