10 Reasons You Should Have Breakfast At Denny's Tomorrow (Photos)

Whether they make your favorite pancakes, you only eat there on road trips or you just follow them on Twitter, Denny's has probably touched your life in some way. Now, it's high time you made it one of your regular breakfast spots. While their low prices, massive menu and generous portions are obvious reasons to go, there are at least 10 more reasons to love America's Favorite Diner.

Their absurd breakfast-related tweets and Instagrams will make you want their food anyway.

Denny’s accounts are run by some social-media mastermind. Between pancakes Photoshopped into any imaginable situation, witty jokes about the latest memes and photo scavenger hunts like the one above, the restaurant’s internet activities always get followers talking.

They’re not afraid to jazz up the traditional buttermilk pancake.

Nope, their stacks are much bolder with treats like these salted caramel and banana cream pancakes. They’ve got a shortbread batter, a topping of vanilla cream and bananas, a drizzle of warm salted caramel and an extra sprinkling of shortbread pieces.

Salted caramel + bananas + vanilla cream + shortbread = the pancakes of your dreams

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They also combined flapjacks and pecan cinnamon rolls with their sticky bun pancakes, filled with glazed pecans and drizzled with an impressively neat design of cinnamon sauce and cream cheese icing.

these timeless Sticky Bun Pancakes will make you feel right at home, no matter where you are this holiday season.

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They’re so good, even Denny’s gets a bit carried away.

They turned pancakes into bite-sized fritters and decided to call them pancake puppies.

Sharing pancakes with friends has never been easier logistically -- though fighting over the last bite of these babies would probably be much more intense. This tempting array of s’mores puppies with marshmallow sauce probably wouldn't survive 60 seconds on the table.

Their breakfast is just as photogenic as that of a hoity-toity establishment.

Their crispy bacon strips, perfectly shaped and yellow sunny-side up eggs and golden brown waffles look just as aesthetically pleasing as the same foods at some trendy Los Angeles eatery.

They use seasons and holidays as an excuse to get extra delicious.

a spread that would impress Santa himself. photo by @khietsan13

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With pumpkin cream pancakes in the fall and Rudolph pancakes around Christmastime, Denny’s always gives breakfast lovers an excuse to go out and celebrate.

Eating a breakfast sandwich is a lot more fun when it’s called “Moons Over My Hammy.”

If your moons aren't over your hammy, what are you even doing?

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While ham, scrambled eggs and two cheeses on grilled sourdough is a remarkable feat of its own, the name of this sandwich is enough to make you love ordering it time and time again.

You can top your hash browns with far more than ketchup.

#dennys #grandopening #brunch #nyc #manhattan #biscuit #everythinghashbrowns #bacon #eggs

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That’s right, Denny’s serves ‘em covered in cheddar cheese -- or everything-style with onions, cheese and country gravy.

Can’t decide what to order? You can try a bit of everything.

This is what ìgood morningî looks like. Photo by professional breakfast-eater @roncabanlig

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Grand Slams are exceptional not only for their vast quantity of food, but for their variety. Can’t decide between French toast and eggs and bacon? Get it all with the French Toast Slam. Want pancakes and hash browns and eggs and sausage and coffee but are too embarrassed to order all of it at once? Thankfully, the Grand Slam Slugger makes it socially acceptable.

You can still Slam on a diet.

Nothing like a fresh Fit Slam to help you enjoy the weekend.

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While most Denny’s Slams admittedly involve piles of pork and troughs of sugar, the Fit Slam yields a tasty and balanced breakfast of an egg-white omelet with spinach and tomatoes, turkey bacon and an English muffin. Order it, and your pancake-eating friends just might be jealous of your plate, after all.

There’s something for everyone.

when you lay out an A+ meal like this before you, only good things are sure to follow. thanks @iamkikomonkey

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Even if your breakfast crew includes an athlete wanting to eat light before a workout, a sugar-loving vegetarian, a ravenous meat eater, a caffeine addict and a hungry person with just $5 in their pocket, everyone will be able to find something to devour.