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10 Supremely Tasty Ways To Load Up Your Nachos (Recipes)

We know how it is. Most days when you cook at home, you strive to prepare a nutritious, satisfying and balanced dinner. (Maybe you don't, which is fine too. We're not here to judge you.)

But sometimes, you just crave an easy evening meal that you can trash up and devour with (or even after) a big beer or soda, while you sprawl out on the couch and catch up on TV.

We hear ya, and we're here to the rescue with some fiiiine looking gloriously garbage nacho recipes.

We're not saying that any of these chip-based dishes are actually healthy, but they do make a nicely rounded meal, in the sense that you have a good mix of protein and carbs that will fill you up. So go forth, load up your plate and thank us later.

1. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Nachos

This just goes to prove that you can have nachos for every meal. This versatile dish gets topped with all your favorite breakfast ingredients for the ultimate party breakfast. If you're feeling dangerous, add a couple fried eggs on top for maximum ooze.

2. California Roll Nachos

These tasty, vaguely sushi-inspiring nachos are also super delicious with wonton chips or even nacho Doritos, the latter of which go stupendously well with spicy tuna. You really can't go wrong here.

3. Loaded Buffalo Chicken Nachos

This dish is everything that is good and addicting about buffalo wings converted into nacho form. Who can resist?

4. Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Elote lovers, this is about to change your lives! The secret to this dish's deliciousness is the creamy, mild cheese sauce that gets poured all over the tortilla chips to keep the delicious and nacho-like without detracting from the elote glory.

5. Shawarma Nachos

Crunchy pita chips get topped with tender chicken, garlicky hummus, creamy, salty labneh and fresh Israeli salad for a deliciously exciting spin on your favorite wrap. Note: The recipe shows how to make all of these toppings from scratch, but you're more than welcome to buy some or all of them pre-made so that you can pile up your nachos in a flash.

6. Loaded Pizza Nachos with Creamy Garlic White Sauce

These nachos have so many things going for them, but what shines the brightest about them is that they use super easy to make PIZZA CRUST CHIPS. That is all.

7. Indian-Style Nachos with Warm Spices and Tamarind Chutney

Roast up some potatoes and chickpeas -- throw in some meat for good measure, if you're so inclined -- and pile them high atop your chips, along with whatever your heart commands.

8. BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos

Feel free to swap out the chips for french fries or waffle fries if you want to be extra bold. We bet these would be absolutely stupendous topped with a drizzle of ranch and/or honey mustard, and maybe even some onion rings or french-fried onions on top. Just imagine!

9. Irish Nachos

We just love how crispy these thin-sliced potatoes get when you roast them! If you care to make it more "Irish" tasting, feel free to top with corned beef and pour some thick, creamy Guinness cheese sauce on top.

10. Strawberry Churro Nachos

You didn't think we'd forget about dessert, did you? Go ahead, combine all your favorite foods together for one tasty superdessert. Plus, March 21 is California Strawberry Day, so you might as well celebrate, right?