10 Unconventional Pies To Bake This Thanksgiving (Recipes)

By now, you've attended plenty of Thanksgiving dinners, and the selection of pies has probably varied little between pumpkin, apple and pecan.

But since it's 2017, and freshness is needed, it's time for a change-up. Here are 10 autumnal pies that combine traditional seasonal flavors with wonderfully unexpected twists. Happy baking!

1. Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

This spectacularly messy take on apple pie combines three decadent textures: a soft and sweet crust made of refrigerated cinnamon rolls, a tender apple filling and a buttery, crumbly brown sugar topping. Take it to the next level with vanilla ice cream and a caramel drizzle.

2. Pear Butterscotch Vanilla Pie

Forget caramel apples -- butterscotch pears are where it's at this time around. Thinly sliced pears, sweetened with sugar and vanilla bean, are drizzled with a homemade butterscotch sauce and blanketed with an all-butter pie crust. It all sounds very peaceful, until you realize the whole house will go to battle over the last slice.

3. Cranberry Orange Custard Pie

This pie looks like a treat you'd see on "The Great British Baking Show," but it comes together with a pre-made pie shell and fewer than 10 ingredients. The way the tart cranberries mingle with the sweet custard filling will make your heart sing. 

4. Apple Butter Pie

If you prefer your apple pies on the smoother side, this is the chunk-free dessert for you. It combines the taste of cinnamony fruit with the texture of pumpkin pie.

5. Brown Sugar Rum Raisin Pie

Deep flavors and rich textures are the name of the game in this appropriately autumnal pie. The spiced rum raisin filling is even thickened with a surprising ingredient: Greek yogurt. A perfect dollop of whipped cream on top doesn't hurt, either.

6. Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Pie and cake combine their mighty forces in this delightfully gluttonous dessert: a magnificent monstrosity of vanilla wafer crust, velvety pecan and dense cheesecake fillings, sticky dulce de leche drizzle and crispy candied pecans. Sincerest apologies for triggering all of your cravings at once.

7. Fresh Fig Pie

This fuss-free, relatively healthy pie is perfect for the fig lover in your family. The fragrant fruit is brightened simply with ginger and lemon and uses just a skosh of butter and sugar, since, you know, it is still a fun dessert.

8. Chocolate Pie

It doesn't involve pumpkin, apple or even cinnamon, but no guest in their right mind would be upset about eating this after a turkey dinner. You'll be tempted to eat the chocolate pudding filling with a spoon as soon as it's ready, but if you exercise a bit of discipline and allow it to set and cool in a store-bought crust, you won't be sorry.

9. Gooey Butter Pie

Words like gooey, butter and pie hardly need justification, but here's another tidbit: The custard filling and flaky crust make the perfect canvas for whipped cream, fruits, nuts, caramel sauce or just an eager fork. 

10. Amaretti Pumpkin Pie

Because no Thanksgiving pie list would be complete without some variation on classic pumpkin, here is a twist that will blow your mind with its complexity of flavor and simplicity in execution: a crumbly crust of amaretti cookies. Their deep almond flavor adds a layer of deliciousness that you never new pumpkin pie needed.