100 Fans Hold Vigil To Mourn Burned-Down Taco Bell (Photos)

Let us consider the dicey political landscape in which we currently live in 2018.

Actually, let's not. Instead, let's take a look at this candlelight vigil that happened outside a Montgomery, Alabama, Taco Bell. In the name of Gordita Crunches, residents of Montgomery held a vigil for the Alabama Taco Bell that burned down on Jan. 17.

Resident Katie James organized the event on Facebook asking fans to gather around the fast-food location to mourn "together in the loss of our beloved taco bell." Across social media, James asked mourners to bring their own candles and donate tacos to commemorate the "okay customer service and long wait line for the oh so delightful baja blasts and 5 dollar quesadilla box."

Word spread quickly. By evening, the Facebook event spurred an outpouring of support. Droves of attendees filed in with candles and Taco Bell bags in hand; an interpretive dance group, who referred to themselves as "The Baja Angels," performed dressed in all-white garb; even a local news station showed up to cover this absurd fast-food vigil.

In a statement to WFSA, the owners of the Montgomery Taco Bell said they were thankful and shocked at the overwhelming displays of support. The owners also gave special thanks to the firefighters for battling the fires in frigid temperatures. No one was injured during the incident.

Mourners need not grieve for long. The owners announced the restaurant would be rebuilding soon and will hold a re-opening celebration. Later after the ceremony, Time reported hungry vigil-goers feasting on fast-food, some heading to Arby's.

You don't need to unpack the reasoning behind this town's 100-person Taco Bell vigil.

James told the Associated Press, "It just gave people something to talk about other than all the negativity that's going on right now."

While political news coverage is ablaze every day, this actual fire does feel like something Americans can reliably turn to for grief. It is Taco Bell after all, and who are we to not pay our respects to subpar fast-food service and Dollar Cravings?