103-Year-Old Woman Enjoyed Her Birthday With A Celebratory Beer

Ask any really old person what their secret is to living so long, and they'll probably rattle off an often-surprising list of what worked for them. For 103-year-old Mildred "Millie" Bowers, from South Carolina, that secret is cracking open a cold one every day.

"Have a beer, doctor's orders," Bowers told WCSC at a pre-birthday celebration.

Bowers lived through the Great Depression and two marriages, and she is gearing up to turn 103 on August 31.

"It's all in the genes," she said of the secret to longevity, before taking a selfie with a friend. "I feel okay because I'm in good health … My mind is good, I have no problem with that and that's the big thing that a lot of people … don't have at my age is a good mind."

And her mind is as sharp as ever.

On top of that, all her friends say that she looks and acts much younger than 103.

"I'm jealous of her skin," said Bowers' friend, Janelle Sherman, who attended the birthday lunch. "I'm jealous of how beautiful she looks."

Part of Bowers' sharp mind, good health and good looks might be from the beer that she drinks every day at four o'clock at her assisted living facility. The centenarian said that she brought it up during a conversation with some nurses a while back, who asked, "Why not?"

"They said, 'But you know what? We'll ask the doctor,' so immediately he said yes," Bowers recounted, before taking a sip of the beer that her friends ordered for her at Okra Grill.

"Doctor said it was good for her and obviously it is, still kicking," friend Mary Ann Hartman said.

Would she recommend that everyone getting on in their years enjoys a daily beer like she does?

"Yes, if they like it," she said, to laugher from her friends. "Look, there are people who don't like coffee and people who don't like tea, but I want everyone to drink what they like."

Indeed, moderate beer drinking could be the key to long and healthy life -- while overindulging can have a terribly negative impact on health, moderate beer consumption might be able to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, kidney stones, cancer and strokes, while strengthening bones and managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to Lifehack. So you might as well enjoy your favorite brew.