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11 Supremely Refreshing Cocktails To Drink On The Beach

How many times have you been relaxing on the beach wishing you had a nice cold cocktail in your hand?

We want to help you achieve your dreams! Bringing booze to the beach is totally do-able if you plan ahead and know what you're doing. Make sure you bring a cooler that works well, and make sure to keep at least some of your ice clean -- nobody wants a lukewarm cocktail. If you want, you can dump half of the ice loose in the cooler and keep your cocktail ice in a bag on top of the loose ice.

To make these drinks, we recommend mixing them up in big batches and transporting in big bottles or whatever you have that works. If you're adding something fizzy, like club soda, bring that separately and top each individual drink with it, after it's poured.

Be careful about bringing soft fresh herbs like mint or basil. They might work a little better if you're putting them in loose (like for a garnish) at the end, but anything muddled might brown by the time you drink it.

We recommend either skipping the herbs or infusing them into syrup. We've included a recipe or two below.

Note: Make sure you follow the rules of the beach you visit. A lot of them don't allow glass!

1. Classic Sangria

Tangy and fruity, this classic boozy drink is the perfect refreshment for a hot day on the sand. Transport in a wide-mouthed container and serve with a ladle, so that everyone gets enough fruit.

2. Michelada

Is there really anything more refreshing in the summer heat? To make this drink transportable, we recommend making a big batch of the mix first and slicing up the limes. Bring a Tupperware with celery salt in it so you can easily salt the rims without hassle.

3. Mai Tai

Did you know that "Mai Tai" means "the best -- out of this world"? You probably did if you've ever tasted one. Mai Tais are pretty much designed to be sipped on the beach -- get to it.

4. Cucumber Lemongrass Caipirinha

We can't think of anything that can cool you off faster on a hot day than cucumber and lemongrass. So refreshing!

5. Virgin Ad Lib

Looking for something boozeless to refresh you all day? Jazz up some water (regular or sparkling works) with cilantro (try basil or mint if you're a cilantro hater), lemon juice and simple syrup. So delicious!

Here's how to make cilantro simple syrup if you're worried that your herbs will spoil.

6. Basilico

The combo of peach, apple, basil and vodka is completely incredible. Since you'll be drinking this on the beach, we suggest making your own basil simple syrup (recipe here) instead of the fresh stuff.

7. Blackberry Basil Mojito

The fruity, tart and herbaceous flavors make an unexpectedly delicious combination. Skip the muddling and make it with this basil syrup.

8. Strawberry Shortcake

Red velvet vodka and cream soda is an amazing combo. if you can't find red velvet vodka, go ahead and use plain vodka and red velvet coffee flavor, or just replace with any other flavor you like. Strawberry would be delicious too.

9. Jalapeno Daisy

The yuzu's sweet tanginess perfectly complements the spicy jalapeno. We could sip it all day long, if alcohol worked that way.

10. Grapefruit Rosemary Mojito

Rosemary should keep a little better than softer, leafier herbs, so we'll go ahead and sign off on muddling this one, especially since you're going to strain it out anyway. But if you want, here's how to make rosemary simple syrup.

11. Margarita

Bringing classic margaritas to the beach is a tried and true method, but if you want to branch out a little, you should totally go for it. Serve everything on the rocks and remember our rules about not muddling in soft herbs.