12 Ooey Gooey S'more Gifs That Will Melt Away All Your Troubles

The week is halfway over, so we thought we'd give you an extra sweet treat today to help you get through your week.

That's right -- everybody's favorite childhood dessert. Charred, melty gooey marshmallows infused with the smokiness from a campfire. How can you not want to shove your face full of them?

Probably the best thing about s'mores is that you get to eat them around a fire, which means you are by default somewhere awesome.

But we give props to anyone who figures out crafty ways to eat them indoors...

Whatever it takes to get that marshmallow good and toasted!

As long as it squishes into the middle of a crispy graham cracker-chocolate sandwich, we're all good.

I mean, seriously, look at how gorgeous and satisfying it is to construct a melty s'more sandwich:

You can even get creative and sandwich your roasted marshmallow between other delicious things, like cookies.

Or make beautiful brownies out of our favorite summer treat.

Or build a towering monument of an ice cream sundae.

Or keep it classic -- it's all up to you.

Because whatever you do, you know s'mores always come with good memories that you'll have forever.

Live it up, enjoy your summer, and get yourself to a campfire as soon as possible!