13 Food And Drink Recipes For The Perfect Game Of Thrones Party

Want to throw the best Game of Thrones party in all the seven kingdoms? You're in luck. We put together some of our favorite food and drink recipes fit for the rightful ruler of the Iron Throne.

Enjoy the festivities!

Here's what you should make to be prepared for Sunday's premier:

1. Ned Stark's Head Cake Pops

The resemblance is uncanny!

2. The Hound's Roasted Chicken

We bet he'd kill for one of these.

3. Tyrell's Apple Rose Tart

You can make this cheesecake-apple tart even faster than Margaery's first marriage ended.

4. Cersei's Baked Apples

Fool your guests into thinking that you spent hours on this quick, simple dessert that wouldn't be out of place in King's Landing.

5. Salt Bread (Pan De Sal)

Guests in Westeros are guaranteed bread, salt and safe passage. Why not offer your guests some pan de sal as a good faith promise that you won't murder them at dinner?

6. Portable Chicken Pot Pie

Take a few to munch on while you're traveling on the Kingsroad.

7. Baratheon Boar Ribs with Apple

This is truly a dish fit for a king after a long day of hunting and debauchery.

8. Dragon Egg Cookies


9. Mulled Wine

Winter is coming, and it's important to stay warm.

Bonus points if you can find mead or medieval-style ale, but if you can't or want something a little more fun, here are more cool cocktails you should try:

10. Valar Morgulis

All men must die, but this absinthe-laced drink might just show you the meaning of life.

11. White Walker

This drink could wake the dead…

12. Hot Blooded

You can make this hotter than the seven hells if you want it fit for a Targaryen.

13. House Stark Martini

Put on your warmest firs, because this frozen gin and tonic will make you feel like you're at Castle Black.