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13 Of The Tastiest Ice Cream Sandwiches You'll Ever See (Videos)

In the midst of the heat wave, I'm having a vicious craving for ice cream. But you know how it is: sometimes you need a little more -- something absolutely utterly indulgent, shameless and naughty to boot.

How about one of these decadent monstrosities?

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Or maybe this one, that I'm totally going to pretend is just a *regular sandwich.*

There's just something completely magical about ice cream sandwiches.

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Especially when they are made with quality rich, frozen sweet cream that gets wedged between two warm, freshly baked cookies.

Or waffles, perhaps?

Since these are waffle-ironed, they count as breakfast, right?

I'm gonna go ahead and say yes.

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Who can resist these luscious sprinkle-topped frozen chocolate treats?

Not I!

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Maybe you'd rather have your sprinkles baked right into the cookie for a colorful rainbow treat. Go for it!

It's extra hard to resist when they are covered in candy pieces ...

Or chocolate chips:

Or when they are (GASP) churro-fied!

Whatever your favorite kind of ice cream sandwich is, enjoy!

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