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14 Awe-Inspiring Gifs Of The Wonder That Is Chips And Dip

It is a well-known fact that gooey cheesy warm dip is the actual best thing in the world:

It's true -- we have a thing for dip. It's the ultimate comfort food, and we're totally fantasizing about it today.

Just look at that fat cheese string falling off the chip.

We could eat chips in dip all day, if we could get away with it.

A tortilla chip is the perfect vessel for such a creamy, cheesy delight.


Dunk it like you mean it.

Did someone say pizza dip?

Honestly, though, you might as well just pour all that into your mouth and devour it all at once. As if you're going to have leftovers.

Look at this heaping pile of goodness:

The dip bubbles so sensuously.

Finally, it's time to break through the gorgeous crust:

The sheer cheesy thickness of this dip is astounding:

Is that a cheese block dipped in cheese dip? If so, we're on board.

Dip away, friends.