15 Oddly Satisfying Gifs Of Pumpkins Getting Destroyed

Halloween was fun, but it's over now.

So please, dispose of your Jack-o-Lanterns, before they start decomposing.

Consider taking a sledgehammer to it, because it looks like a ton of fun.

Or land a monster truck right on top of it, if you're into that.

Maybe you can get a little closure in the aftermath of what is OBVIOUSLY THE BEST HOLIDAY.

Because honestly, watching pumpkins get DESTROYED is so satisfying, and we can't explain why.

Look at how cleanly this *real* lightsaber slices through this pumpkin.

Or maybe you'd rather chuck it right into the fire?

Burn baby, burn!

We'd love to put on some heavy boots and just stomp all over this pumpkin pile.

Grab your chainsaw if you're feeling extra sadistic.

Or just go all out and demolish it with your teeth.

Chew it right up like these ferocious beasts:

Or just straight up explode it!!