16 Mesmerizing Cake GIFs To Melt Away Your Troubles

Having a long day? Take a quick breather and treat yourself to something luxurious -- a gloriously moist, silky slice of cake, perhaps?


It's hard to pass up a slice of the stuff, especially when it is covered in beautiful, beautiful frosting.

This rainbow stacked cake is too pretty to resist!!


Whatever crumbs are coating this delightful pile of goodness, I'm sure they're DELICIOUS.

Pastel hombre??? This person makes it look easy!

The finished effect is so ... clean ... and so satisfying ....

And then you have this gorgeous monochrome iteration.

MEGA DROOLING over this cake that looks like a stack of flowers:

I don't think I could even make these little ruffles. How does this person get them so gorgeous?

And then you have this heavenly hombre of a pastry:

Purple has never looked so good! Yum!

Check out this mechanical perfection:

The way this icing drips is too much for me!

GOLD CAKE???? Let me at it!

Or maybe just go all out for a pastel rainbow sparkly extravaganza!

Eat up!