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18 Glorious Donut Gifs For Hump Day

We can't lie -- we have a major food crush on donuts.

It's a bit of a weakness. But seriously, take a look at this gorgeous fried cake. There's a reason everybody loves donuts.


They are so mesmerizing.

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, doughy and sweet, topped with decadent frosting. They really are the perfect dessert.

Look at the delectable way the wall of glaze effortlessly slides of the donuts, giving them the perfect coating.

Why are glazed donuts so beautiful?

Look at these perfect, hypnotic rings.

Donuts might start out as humble dough, but it's important not to forget their origins.

Shower them with sprinkles!

Or maybe you're more into the jelly-filled stuff:

Donut Gifs

Are you a nutella fiend? Watch how the chocolate filling oozes out from the center.

We're down with adorable mini donuts too.

There's something mesmerizing about the way the frosting pipes atop the gorgeous dessert.

We're totally transfixed.

Donut Gifs

Honestly, we could stare at this for hours.

Watching a donut get unglazed has never looked so good.

Donut Gifs

Go ahead, have a bite! Or several!

We know what you really want, and we won't keep you from it any longer.

Donut Gifs