2018 Ushers In Weed Wine, It's Not What You'd Expect (Photo)

Rebel Coast Winery is in the business of Northern California commodities. Home of world-class vineyards and the dankest cannabis crop, NorCal is sitting on a million-dollar idea. Weed wine.

Legalization of marijuana in the Golden State is emboldening business plans for cannabis consumables (and drinkables) like Rebel Coast's weed wine, and the company is currently taking pre-orders for its THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc. There are also talks of a rose to follow.

But before you can even conjure up what a dream state you'd experience from cannabis vino, it's important to point out the misnomer. Weed "wine" is non-alcoholic. Rebel Coast's website explains that alcohol cannot be legally mixed with THC and that rules must be followed. But, true to the winery's surfer bro branding, the wine is said to pair well with ignoring your parents' advice and excites the inner rebel to "kiss a stranger, get that late night tattoo, and always disco naked," according to the site.

"Getting weird" aside, Rebel Coast's wine falls short of crafting a wine to get people sufficiently baked and utterly loopy. Each serving, about one glass, contains a measly 4 milligrams of THC, appeals to weed abecedarians. Since 10 milligrams per serving is the highest limit on cannabis products in the Golden State, this puts a full bottle of wine (containing 16 milligrams) just shy of sending an otherwise unmatched wine-and-weed experience out of the ballpark.

Rebel Coast's THC wines are a novelty-seeker's treasure trove. The winemakers have plans to expand their weed wine repertoire -- a heavily millennial-targeted rose (all day), and an "elevated" sparkling wine. These make an excellent gift to customers living in California.

Taking into consideration the 29 states that legalized medical marijuana, customers wishing to purchase Rebel Coast's THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc bottles must live in California. But, later in the year, the wine will be available for purchase and delivery to recreational states and Canada.

The company's sparsely informative page assures low-THC wine will not have you "thinking your couch is a hippo with short legs or anything." And it won't be long before weed wine makes it to the dinner party tables of grown-ups, moms and dads and coworkers -- a recipe for weird confessions and inappropriate college dorm stories.

Not convinced? Check out the company's Instagram page, bespeckled with attractive women on boats, cowboy hats and muscle tees.