21 Majestic Ice Cream Gifs To Get You Through Hump Day

We heard you like ice cream. 

Like, a lot.

So we prepared a tasty treat for you. Enjoy!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Let yourself be hypnotized by this magically melting and un-melting cone. We could stare at this for hours.

Look at the way the caramel drizzles over the top of the ice cream.

Or maybe you're more into hot fudge:

Look at these perfect ribbons of chocolate sauce:

And this perfect cone:

Maybe you're more into rainbow stuff:

Whatever your preference, all ice cream starts out the same -- as a humble liquid.

But then the magic happens. Churn, baby, churn!

Look at how beautiful this ice cream is becoming. Almost ready to shove into your mouth.

Would you like a scoop?

Look at the way this ice cream scoop just rolls on through the tub of velvety ice cream.

Don't forget the whipped cream!

There's something heartbreaking but also strangely satisfying about the way the gooey ice cream melts out of the crunchy shell.

Seriously, watching ice cream melt has never been so beautiful.

What are you doing? Oh, just chilling with our two best friends, Ben and Jerry.

Is there anything more beautiful than a nice scoop of ice cream?

Here, have a lick: