400 Italian Chefs Gather In Naples To Break Pizza World Record

With the summer Olympics fast approaching, world records seem to be on everyone's minds. While running and swimming are great, however, we have our eyes set on a different type of world record—and this time Italy is the clear champion.

More than 400 Italian chefs recently gathered in Naples to break the world record for longest pizza, and the results were just as glorious as you might imagine. All in all, the chefs used 4,409 pounds of flour, 3,527 pounds of tomatoes, 4,409 pounds of mozzarella, and 441 lbs of water to craft their mouthwatering masterpiece.

The result? 6,080 feet of pizza perfection.

While the chefs clearly had quantity accounted for, you’ll be glad to hear that quality did not fall by the wayside when breaking this most delicious of world records. Sources report that only the finest ingredients were used in every step of the cooking process, and the pizza was even baked in a wood-fired oven. That’s right. All 6080 feet of it was more gourmet than the single-serving pies we regularly demolish!

Personally, we’re thinking that a move to Italy might be in order. If they can make over a mile of gourmet pizza along the beautiful Neapolitan waterfront, what can’t they do? Take a moment to imagine a world full of wood-fired pizza, bread, and pasta before giving these glorious photos one last glance and heading back to work.

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