5 Cooking Shows to Binge on a Friday Night In

5 Cooking Shows to Binge on a Friday Night In

After a long work week, sometimes all you need to relax is to spend your Friday night relaxing on the couch while watching others cook delicious food. Cooking shows are the perfect addition to your night in because you can spend all day Saturday trying out the recipes you watched the night before. Here’s five of the best cooking shows to binge watch this Friday night!

1. Nailed It!

Nailed It Sometimes cooking shows have a tendency to make us feel like we’re very inadequate as home cooks. Whether your specialty is ramen noodles or filet mignon, this show is bound to boost your ego in the kitchen. Nailed It! is an American bake-off competition between completely amateur chefs starring hilarious host and comedian, Nicole Byer. There are 3 seasons of Nailed It! on Netflix that are jam packed full of failed attempts at elaborate cakes and comical pursuits of the $10,000 cash prize.  

2. MasterChef

Series Detail S10 Another show that gives average chefs like you and me some hope is MasterChef, the American cooking show featuring Gordan Ramsey and other famous chefs as judges. In the 10 seasons available on Hulu or Fox Now, competitors are all home chefs with no actual professional experience and are faced with a handful of different exciting challenges including skills tests and mystery boxes. This show is high-intensity and always keeps you on your toes as you watch amateurs cook dishes that consistently push them out of their comfort zone.  

3. Chopped

Chopped With 42 seasons and over 500 episodes, Chopped is one of the longest running cooking shows out there. Each episode, four competitors battle for the $10,000 prize while cooking three different courses; appetizers, dinner and dessert. The catch? Each round they have to use all four of the mystery ingredients found in the basket, which are normally very obscure and difficult to cook typical meals with, which makes the show very interesting and full of creativity. If you’re looking for a wide variety of innovative recipes and a show that could last you all night without getting bored, Chopped is for you!  

4. The Kitchen

The Kitchen Every now and then we all need a solo night in to recharge, but when you want to feel like you’re still hanging out with your friends The Kitchen is the show to watch. This cooking-themed talk show features some of Food Network’s best chefs all sharing recipes and helpful meal tips. There’s 20 seasons full of laughs and a super casual show that makes you feel like you’re cooking with some of your best friends.  

5. The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off Last but not least, you can spend your Friday night traveling across the pond on the hunt for the UK’s best amateur baker. The Great British Bake Off follows competitors from all different backgrounds as they are faced with different challenges such as the Technical Bake and the Showstopper Bake. Binge 9 seasons of this thrilling baking challenge on Netflix for some mouthwatering desserts.     Sources https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nailed_It! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterChef_(American_TV_series) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1353281/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kitchen_(talk_show) https://thegreatbritishbakeoff.co.uk/about-the-show/