5 KFC Items You've Probably Never Heard About

5 KFC Items You've Probably Never Heard About

When you think about KFC, your mind usually conjures up an image of a classic bucket of finger-lickin' good fried chicken. Well, I’m about to show you five international KFC items that totally blew that image out of the water. These items are not available in the US, but I’m taking notes for the next time I’m traveling overseas.

1. KFC Chick and Cone 5 KFC Items You've Probably Never Heard About

This beautiful creation hails from Thailand and features popcorn chicken piled high in a waffle cone and drizzled with a signature spicy sauce. I don’t know why this isn’t a thing yet in the US, but I’m all here for a portable version of chicken and waffles.  

2. Mozzarella Zinger Double Down

Is this technically keto? This cheesy delight was released in Singapore and has a gooey mozzarella cheese patty sandwiched between two spicy, crispy chicken fillets. The sandwich also has a tomato basil sauce inside, which sounds like a party in my mouth.  

3. KFC Golden Moon Burger

I think this might be the breakfast of my dreams. Crispy chicken, ham, and easy over egg topped with honey mustard sauce, sweet relish sauce, and cheese. This burger is from KFC South Korea, and I might just have to pack my bags to go grab a bite of this beauty.    

4. Cheesy Chicken

Another contender from Thailand! Cheese and chicken is a combo that I haven’t had a chance to try yet but look at that glorious cheese pouring over that chicken. I may just have to recreate this one at home.    

5. Chizza

Last but not least, the Chizza. Again, I am amaze at the ingenuity of replacing bread with chicken. Honestly, this seems like a great option when you can’t decide between fried chicken and pizza on a lazy night in. This cheesy KFC menu item can be found in Asia. In conclusion, Which one of these KFC items would you love to see here in the US?