5 Must-Have Thanksgiving Items From Costco

5 Must-Have Thanksgiving Items From Costco

  1. Rodelle Turkey Brine

This Rodelle Turkey Brine Seasoning will simplify your turkey preparation and transform your bird into a tasty delicacy! You just mix this seasoning blend with boiling water, let it cool, then soak your thawed turkey submerged in the mixture. Rodelle recommends keeping it in the fridge and letting it brine for 12 to 24 hours before cooking.

This brine blend contains salt, sugar, cranberries, vanilla, allspice, apple, black pepper, garlic, orange peel, rosemary, lime, bay leaves, and sage. Those are pretty much all of the most delicious flavors of fall that we could think of combining to create one tasty turkey! The best part? This brine was spotted at the low price of just $6.79.

2. Pillsbury 9" Pie Crusts 8-Pack

Everyone loves eating pies, but there's a lot of work that goes into it. If you're not in the mood to make a homemade crust, Pillsbury has you covered. This 8-pack box contains eight individually wrapped pie crusts for all of your baking needs.

And if you're not planning on making THAT many pies at once, you can also freeze what you don't use for later use as these are also freezable. How easy is it to just unroll, fill, and bake!? Shoutout to Pillsbury for this awesome deal, which was spotted at $6.89 for the whole pack.

3. Diamond Baker's Box Baking Nut Essentials


If you're crazy about pies and planning to be baking up a storm for Thanksgiving, then this set is for you. We all know that buying nuts is expensive, and chopping them is tedious and time-consuming. That's also precious time you could be spending making memories with your loved ones. Cut out the chopping and save money with this Baking Nut Essentials kit from Diamond!

This box contains three 22 oz. bags of your favorite holiday baking nuts: Slivered Almonds, Chopped Walnuts, and Chopped Pecans. So whether pecan pie or sweet potato pie is on the menu, this kit will have your nut needs covered! It was spotted for the low price of $19.99.

4. Izze Sparking Juice Holiday Flavor Pack

If you're looking for something sweet and bubbly, look no further. This Holiday Flavor Pack of Sparkling Juices from Izze contains some seriously delicious fall flavors. The pack contains twelve 12 oz. bottles, four of each of the following tasty flavors: Cranberry Orange Spice, Apple, and Pomegranate. These actually contain 70% real fruit juice!

These would be a huge hit for the kid's table to feel fancy and festive on Turkey Day! We also think adults will love using these as cocktail mixers and adding their favorite liquor to these! We're dying to try that Cranberry Orange Spice flavor... perfect for Thanksgiving! 5. Penny Plate 20-Piece Cooking Spree Pan Set

We all love the taste of delicious, home-cooked food, but cleaning up after cooking a big meal is such a chore. There's nothing worse than finishing up your massive Thanksgiving feast and knowing that an hour of dirty dishes awaits when all you want to do is relax and have a nap on the couch. Well, thanks to this awesome set from Penny Plate, you can have disposable bakeware for a low price this year!

This set contains four large roasting pans, three 9-inch pie pans, four 8-inch pie pans, four 46 oz. casserole pans, three 24 oz. casserole pans, and two 8x8 brownie pans. Yep, they thought of everything. It was spotted originally for $16.79, but according to @costco_empties, the set is going on sale on November 5th and will be just $4.00. That's right, only four bucks for all of those! We hope this list makes your Thanksgiving holiday a little bit easier and more fun!