5 Snacks You Can Make With Only 3 Ingredients (Recipes)||Snacks||5 Snacks You Can Make With Only 3 Ingredients (Recipes)||5 Snacks You Can Make With Only 3 Ingredients (Recipes)

5 Snacks You Can Make With Only 3 Ingredients (Recipes)

Hungry? Lazy? Busy?

Don't let that stop you from cooking! You can still whip up some fabulously tasty snacks with almost no effort at all. In fact, you really don't need more than three ingredients!

The best part about three-ingredient recipes? There's a good chance that you can find at least one that doesn't even require you to go to the store, since you might already have everything on hand. So easy!

1. Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Nothing against the iconic pre-made frozen ones, but why would you buy them when it's so ridiculously easy to DIY it? If you'd like, you can also add pizza sauce and/or herbs like oregano or basil to make things even fancier.

2. Nutella Bread

Nutella Bread

If you happen to have a jar of chocolate hazelnut spread and a can of crescent roll dough, you're all set! It's super easy to braid this sweet treat, although you can also just roll it up like normal crescents if you'd prefer.

3. Watermelon Sherbet

Watermelon Sherbet

Who knew that all you need for a healthy and delicious dessert is fresh melon and yogurt? I sure didn't. This is life changing!

4. Flourless Cheese Breadsticks

Flourless Cheese Breadsticks

Making your own bread always seems like a lot of work, but this low-carb version is as easy as it gets -- plus it stays dense, moist and tender even if you overcook it a tad. Want to kick things up? Add a bit of minced garlic or garlic powder, Italian seasoning and/or chili flakes to your dough. You'll love it!

5. No-Bake Cereal Bars

No-Bake Cereal Bars

If you're hooked on eating cereal bars in the morning, then you should totally start making your own! They are delectable, healthy, easy to customize and they will save you a ton of money in the long run.