6 Creepy Cocktails To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit (Recipes)

6 Creepy Cocktails To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit (Recipes)

It's always a treat when Oct. 13 lands on a Friday!

The wildly unlucky day (or extra lucky one, to some!) is a great excuse to celebrate. Grab some friends and go wild on the second spookiest day of the year! Here are some fabulously spooky cocktails you can keep by your side as good luck charms:

1. Monster Mash Slush

Monster Mash Slush

With honeydew melon, orange liqueur, citrus and tequila, this tastes a bit like a sweet margarita. Have a couple of them and you'll surely be doing the mash!

2. Black Cat

Black Cat

With easily blendable vodka, sweet cherry brandy, tart cranberry juice and bubbly cola, this drink sure is an easy sipper. If you want to make it even more festive, consider using some black vodka or a drop of food coloring.

3. The Broken Mirror

The Broken Mirror

With Absinthe, Green Chartreuse, bitters and lime, this well-balanced drink gets a welcome pop of herbal flavors. Plus it's BRIGHT GREEN!

4. Booger Beer

Booger Beer

Gross!! Booger beer sounds like something that would put you off your dinner, but once you taste the dark, rich stout (any type is fine, although Guinness mixes well with sweet things) combined with a bit of Apple Pucker and topped with green marshmallow cream and surprisingly tasty sugared green pea chunks, it'll be hard to resist.

5. The Conjuring


It looks terrifying, but take a sip and the sweet licorice creaminess of this unusual mix will win you over in a flash!

6. Good Luck Charm

Good Luck Charm

This one is a bit like a good whiskey sour, but it gets an extra kick from limoncello liqueur and a few spearmint leaves for a burst of freshness.