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6 Dinners You Can Make Using 6 Ingredients Or Fewer (Recipes)

I love to make easy homemade dinners during the week, but some recipes can get overwhelming, especially when you're staring at a 20-ingredient-long list of stuff you need to use -- you know, the kind that has you running to the store twice before you realize you're still missing the fresh basil. Sigh.

Don't worry, friends! There is an easier way. You really don't need more than a handful of ingredients to make a filling dinner that rocks your socks off.

Check out these six tasty dinners that you'll only need six ingredients or fewer to make:

1. Slow Cooker Jalapeno Pineapple Pork

Plan ahead and prep this easy and affordable dinner the night before. Then all you need to do is pop it in the slow cooker in the morning and come home to an already-made dinner that's just perfect spooned over a big scoop of rice.

2. Thai Salmon

Is there really anything out there that would be bad drenched in sweet chili sauce? I think not! This sweet, spicy fish is absolutely ravishing with rice and sauteed or steamed veggies -- or even atop a salad.

3. Tortellini Carbonara

You don't need much to make a scrumptious pasta sauce from scratch -- just a bit of bacon, cream and Parmesan cheese! Using filled tortellini is another great shortcut to make your meal seem more elaborate than it really is.

4. Lemon Chicken with Asparagus

Lemon pepper is the holy grail when it comes to making your chicken pop with flavor. Of course, you can also substitute fresh lemon zest and cracked black pepper -- either way, you're going to want seconds.

5. Vegetarian Baked Taquitos

With beans, guacamole and cheese, these comparably healthy flautas have enough substance to fill you up, and they taste delicious too! Still, you can plop in a little leftover meat (like shredded rotisserie chicken) if desired. Want to fry them instead? Here's how.

6. Creamy Chicken Marsala

These would be swell served with pasta, rice and/or a simple salad! Do it!