6 Mind-Blowing Ways To Eat Potato Skins (Recipes)

You've certainly heard that one person's trash is another's treasure, and that absolutely applies to the kitchen, where scraps can be the best part of a meal.

Case in point: potato skins. If you're making mashed potatoes or something similar that doesn't require you to use the earthy outer covering of the starchy roots, consider saving them (along with a bit of inner flesh) for an exciting and budget-friendly appetizer or meal!

1. Reuben Stuffed Potato Skins

It's not just your favorite sandwich anymore; it can be your favorite snack too. With tender, savory pastrami or corned beef, flavorful sauerkraut, gooey, melty Swiss cheese and a sweet, spicy sauce to bring it all home, you might find yourself getting hooked on these.

2. Crispy Potato Skins with Pesto Cream Dip

You had me at pesto cream. But in case you need any further convincing, you can crack an egg on these once they are done cooking (or to revamp any leftovers) and bake until the whites are set just to make it that much more dippable and delightful.

3. Bacon Blue Cheese Burger Skins

The hearty ground beef, sweet caramelized onions, crispy bacon and crumbled blue cheese make for the perfect bite. You can also totally apply these principles to another type of burger combo like beef, cheddar cheese, pickles and mushrooms or even something a little less conventional like ground turkey, smoked provolone cheese, pesto and cherry peppers.

4. Crab Salad Stuffed Potato Skins

Deep-fried potatoes with creamy, mustardy crab salad piled high on top? I sure can't resist!

5. Garlicky and Cheesy Crispy Potato Skins 

If you're a garlic fiend who loves cheesy mashed potatoes but also craves a bit of crunch here and there, these crunchy, aromatic skins are for you.

6. Mac n’ Cheeze Stuffed Potato Skins

Those in the know will recognize that the "z" in "cheeze" is the stamp of a vegan recipe, although cheddar fiends can use their favorite dairy-packed recipe, of course. Either way it's super melty, crunchy and delicious.