6 Professional Chefs Create Innovative Veggie Dishes

Veggie Bullet challenged six professional chefs to make innovative dishes, highlighting vegetables as the star of the meal. See the delicious results below and get #VEGGED!

1. Jordan Andino's Poke Bowl

Jordan Andino is the chef and co-founder of the Filipino taqueria, 2nd City, in New York City. Inspired by Asian flavors, Jordan uses the electric spiralizer function of Veggie Bullet to create spiralized zucchini noodles.

2. Meghann Ward's Sweet Potato Gratin

Chef and owner of vegetable-centric Tapestry Restaurant in Boston, Meghann Ward uses Veggie Bullet to expedite the work it takes to make the dishes in her restaurant. Watch as she slices sweet potatoes, grates cheese and spiralizes onions -- all with Veggie Bullet!

3. Ethan Speizer's Green Papaya Salad

Chef of Nuri restaurant in Napa, California, Ethan Speizer shows us how he creates his favorite party dish: green papaya salad with sliced and spiralized veggies.

4. Leah Cohen's Pho Zucchini Noodles

Chef and owner of Pig & Khao in New York, Leah Cohen shows us how she creates a pho that's hearty and filling. She uses Veggie Bullet to create spiralized zoodles (zucchini noodles) which replace traditional rice noodles to lower the calorie count while adding texture, crunch and a signature veggie taste to her pho.

5. Josh Lewin's Ratatouille

Juliet chef and owner Josh Lewin shares how he prepares his ratatouille recipe with the help of the spiralizing and slicing function of Veggie Bullet.

6. Gregory Gourdet's Haitian Stewed Chicken

Departure restaurant's Executive Chef Gregory Gourdet shares his Haitian stewed chicken recipe. With the help of Veggie Bullet, spiralizing, slicing and shredding the veggies is quick and easy.

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