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6 Sparkly Desserts To Bring More Whimsy Into Your Life (Recipes)

Need a little more pizzazz in your life?

I know just the cure -- eat something sparkly!

Whether you're looking to break some monotony, impress kids and adults at a get-together or just have a little bit of bright fun by yourself, these shimmery desserts are perfect ways to let a little magic into your life.

Check out these stunningly whimsical desserts!

1. Gold Glitter Cake Pops

Gold Glitter Cake Pops

These bright, moist and glitzy lemon and vanilla cake pops bring the perfect summer flavor!

2. Glitter Lollipops

All I know is that if I show up at a party that has these, I might never leave. They are so gorgeous and sparkly!

3. Homemade Gold Cotton Candy

You might not realize it, but candy floss is actually not too hard to make! Once you master the technique, you'll be hooked on spinning your own stunning and delicious gold stuff. It's not as cloudlike as the machine-made cotton candy, but the unique texture takes on a life of its own. Plus, it doubles as a festive decoration. Can't complain.

4. Glitter Ice Cream Cones

You might not think it, but these luster dust-brushed cones are as easy as they come -- you can even make them with store-bought ice cream cones. Alternately, you can make a slightly different version like so.

5. Mini Mint Chocolate Chip Doughnuts with Glitter

Obviously, you can use just about any donut recipe you like. If, for example, you love gluten and hate mint -- this is a great basic donut recipe too.

6. Pink Champagne Glitter Cake

Pink champagne, peach preserves, vanilla buttercream and a ton of edible glitter -- it's the perfect summery cake for any occasion!