6 Tasty, Speedy Dinners You Can Make In 5 To 10 Minutes (Recipes)

Hectic weeknights are sometimes a fact of life, no matter how much you might protest.

If you get home and can hardly find a second for yourself, let alone enough time or energy to spend even 30 minutes cooking dinner, don't worry! 

All you need are 10 minutes or less for these snappy dinners that taste like they took way longer than the few minutes it took you to throw them together:

1. Pan-Roasted Salmon With Arugula and Avocado Salad Recipe

No joke, you can make this entire tangy, bright and buttery meal in 10 minutes without even breaking a sweat.

2. Oven-Baked Tostadas

Technically this takes a few extra minutes if you count preheating your oven, but I'm going to let it slide, especially since you can use tostada shells or just eat them as soft tacos if you want. This recipe is perfect for leftover night -- just chop up whatever protein you have from the night before, or grab a rotisserie chicken on your way home from work.

3. Ten-Minute Chicken with Marsala Sauce

Tasty, easy and healthy! If you have a couple extra minutes, you can saute some frozen veggies like broccoli or green beans in the pan with butter and lemon and maybe even whip up some instant or leftover mashed potatoes or rice.

4. Fancy Five-Minute Grilled Cheese

Only have five minutes? No problem! Spreadable cheese will speed up the melting process, but you're more than welcome to use any variety you like. Fresh mozzarella, brie, gruyere, pepper jack or anything else that melts well would also be delicious. Use whatever you have on hand!

5. Five-Minute Pepperoni Pizza Wrap

Technically, this delicious and versatile yet reasonably nutritious handheld meal takes 10 minutes, but five of them are spent waiting for your wrap to melt and crisp up in the toaster oven, so I'm going to go ahead and not count that. Don't have a toaster oven? Your regular one will work just fine -- set it to 450 or so.

6. Simple Poached Egg Avocado Toast

Psst! Fry your egg on medium-high or just cook it in the microwave (here's how) instead of poaching it to shave off the time it takes to boil your water.