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7 Beautiful Tater Tot Dishes You Won't Want To Share (Recipes)

Whether you're looking for a fun, easy dinner, a tasty appetizer or an indulgent weekend breakfast, you really can't go wrong with crispy, tender tater tots. 

Whether you want to make them from scratch (you can find a traditional tot recipe here) or grab that bag you keep in the back of your freezer and load them up, I say go for it!

You can make your tots out of broccoli, load them up like nachos or pile them inside a grilled cheese sandwich. It's all up to you!

1. Tater Tot Breakfast Nachos

Every breakfast should include fried potatoes, two different kinds of cheese, spicy fresh jalapenos and a couple of fried eggs! Feel free to use any of your favorite breakfast meats, like crumbled sausage, chopped bacon or chorizo, for a little extra protein.

2. Mac And Cheese Tater Tot Casserole

It's a simple but revolutionary idea: Make your favorite kind of classic mac and cheese (maybe mix in some bacon if you're feeling wild?) and top it with crunchy tots and smother them with cheese. If you're in a dangerous mood, you can even top your mac with cheese-filled tots and really live it up.

3. Cheeseburger Stuffed Tater Tots​

A mini meal rolled into a single tater tot? Sign me up!

4. Honey Mustard Chicken Tater Tot Nachos

Sweet honey mustard chicken thighs, crispy tots and gooey cheese get topped (optionally) with creamy avocado, cool sour cream, savory green onions and fresh grape tomatoes because YUM.

5. Churro Tater Tots with Homemade Dulce de Leche

You can totally make regular ol' frozen tots into this magical dessert snack. All you need is a bit of a cinnamon sugar and some sweetened condensed milk and BAM! Churro tots!

6. Chorizo e Papas Grilled Cheese

Every grilled cheese sandwich needs some bold spiced Mexican chorizo, soft caramelized onions and crispy tater tots wedged in the middle for a perfect flavor and texture harmony!

7. Broccoli Tots​

Tasty tater tots made with broccoli and cheddar? Dreams really do come true!