7 Beer-Free Ways To Drink Booze With Pizza (Recipes)

7 Beer-Free Ways To Drink Booze With Pizza (Recipes)

Everyone knows that pizza and beer are a winning and generally excellent combination, perfectly complementing each other. You can quench your thirst after eating a salty slice, while the slightly bitter, malty fizziness cuts through that grease that we love so much in our gooey cheese.

 Booze With Pizza

By the way, when it comes to brews, pale ales and IPAs are our go-to pizza pairings, although any malty beer with a little bit of a savory, slightly bitter kick to it, from lagers to dry and not-too-sweet stouts can work.

 Booze With Pizza

But sometimes (gasp!) not everyone is in the mood for beer. Maybe you’re cooking up a nice, homemade pizza and want to accent it with a romantic twist, or you're looking to have a cocktail party. Whatever the situation is, we can forgive you for forgoing beer in this case.

 Booze With Pizza

The truth is, pizza and cocktails are a totally underrated couple, and we urge you to open your hearts and minds to the lovely pair. Here are some cocktails that you might not have realized go stupendously well with pizza:

1. Easy Traditional Red Sangria

 Red Sangria

Make this one in a batch for a party, and if you want you can keep the soda and brandy (or your choice of other liquor, like rum) and on the side, so that people can top it off and booze it up as they see fit. Pro-tip: Regular wine also works great with pizza; we recommend something light-bodied and acidic like a nice Chianti or Pinot Noir if you want to go down that road.

2. Basil Lemon Mojito

Basil Lemon Mojito

By swapping out lime and mint for lemon and basil, you get an Italian-flavored cocktail better suited to your pie while still retaining the integrity of the mojito’s bright, tangy kick that you usually get from lime and mint.

3. The Ultimate Negroni

The Ultimate Negroni

This slightly bitter, refreshing cocktail will cut through the grease and cleanse your palate, much like the coveted beer-pizza combo. Top your Negroni off with soda and drink it in a highball if you’re looking for something a little more hydrating and fizzy.

4. Two-One-Two


Named after everyone’s favorite New York area code, this smoky, tangy, herbaceous cocktail has enough bitterness to stand up to pizza and enough sweetness to dance on your tongue in between bites of cheesy, greasy goodness.

5. Juicy Mango Mai Tai

Juicy Mango Mai Tai

Are you one of those monsters that likes to put pineapple on your pizza? If you are a Hawaiian-style fan, this tropical coconut-orange-mango-pineapple twist on a Mai Tai will work well with your controversial pie.

6. Pizza Bloody Mary

Pizza Bloody Mary

What goes better with pizza than ... pizza? Ok, we’re going a little far out with this one, but if you’re looking to mix it up, consider mimicking the savory flavors you’ll find in your slice. What we love about this recipe is that there are two versions: a quick, easy one and a more elaborate, spectacular one in case you want to spend a few extra minutes and dazzle your brunch guests. Both are pretty great though.

7. Pizza Cocktail

Pizza Cocktail

Adventurous? Why not try and replicate the goodness of pizza in your glass? We couldn’t find an exact recipe for this beautiful monstrosity, although you can find guidelines here. Start with 1 part vodka to 2 parts tomato water and adjust the rest to taste. (For the mozzarella foam, follow steps 4-5 from this recipe.) It was bound to happen sooner or later.