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7 Cocktails To Ensure That The Fourth Is With You (Recipes)

May the Fourth be with you! 

Have you caught the Star Wars bug today? If you can catch a few minutes of a break between blowing up the Death Star and completing your Jedi training, consider mixing up a few festive cocktails that are as fun as they are delicious.

1. The Death Star

The Death Star

This Long Island-type hybrid drink that features Jagermeister, triple sec, sweet and sour, cola and some more booze is as powerful as they come. Join the Dark Side!

2. The Princess Leia

The Princess Leia

Oh, Carrie, you are sorely missed. Toast to the memory of everyone's favorite princess with this cocktail that is fittingly tart, unusual and surprisingly strong.

3. Stormtrooper

If you're boring, you can also call it the Shibuya Shake. Either way, we're pretty sure Finn drinks this after a hard day at work.

4. Darth Vader

black widow martini

AKA the black widow martini, this stunningly dark cocktail with an easy sugar rim gets its theatrics from a couple drops of black food coloring, although the chocolaty rummy treat is tasty on its own if you prefer to do without.

5. Spiked Blue Milk

Spiked Blue Milk

Call it the Luke Skywalker if you want. Whatever you want to name it, this creamy, coconutty delight is sweet and rich -- even more so if you swap out the milk and/or cream for coconut milk to really amp up that tropical flavor.

6. Giggling Yoda

Giggling Yoda

I've got to be honest here. This drink looks sort of gross. It looks like a fizzed-up smoothie, and that's basically what it is. It tastes great, for what it's worth, and the swampy appearance is actually pretty perfect for Yoda. However, if you'd rather make it look a little less sludgy, feel free to juice the fruit so that it doesn't look so thick.

7. Han Solo

Smoked Hudson

Also known as the Smoked Hudson, this combination of peaty scotch, bold, bitter spices, smoke and a little bit of fire couldn't be more fitting for everybody's favorite blaster wielder.