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7 Delicious Types Of Sangria You Should Make (Recipes)

Sangria, anyone?

The wine-based libation always strikes me as a rare treat -- something you might indulge in at a fancy dinner or a classy cocktail party. Indeed, there's a lot to love about the drink that somehow manages to be both elegant and fun at the same time, but there's absolutely nothing exclusive about it.

Sangria is one of the easiest drinks to make. You need little more than wine and fruit, and it is both budget-friendly (the cheaper the wine, the better since you'll be doctoring it up anyway) and darn near foolproof.

From the classic to the nearly wacky (but still delicious!), here are some great sangria recipes that will really impress your guests!

1. Three-Ingredient Sangria

Here's your run-of-the-mill, standard sangria. And yet it's so much more than that, as both new and experienced drinkers alike can attest to! Feel free to use the wine, soda and fruit formula and experiment with it as you please.

2. Mango Strawberry Sangria

Delicious and refreshing! This one is fabulous virgin, too. You can swap out the booze for something like sparkling apple cider, white grape juice or lemonade.

3. Mint and Citrus White Wine Sangria

Mint and Citrus White Wine Sangria

There's something just totally upscale yet fun about this pale, tangy version that almost tastes more like a gimlet or mojito. For an extra kick, add a splash of tequila, rum, citrus sparkling water, ginger ale or lemon-lime soda.

4. Sparkling Sangria

Sparkling Sangria

Brandy and triple sec make this cocktail strong but sneaky, so be careful! You can use any fruit you want, though I think this would be particularly stunning with a sliced blood orange.

5. Iced Tea Sangria

I absolutely love this one with a mild-flavored tea like a white or a fruit tea, though it's also quite nice with a gentle green. Want to use red wine instead? Consider pairing it with a more robust tea, like spiced orange, plus a splash of brandy or triple sec wouldn't hurt.

6. Rhubarb Sangria

This light, sparkling pink drink is stunning, and it's so good with the classic strawberry-rhubarb pairing.

7. Peach Sangria Slushies

Need something supremely refreshing to cool you off? Consider freezing and blending your sangria like so. P.S. This recipe is great with frozen peaches, and you won't need to blanch them like it says to in the instructions.