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7 Fresh, Seasonal Dinners You'll Love In July (Recipes)

"Game of Thrones" may be back on TV, but winter is still far, far away.

Whether I'm barbecuing for friends in the heat of July or just need a ridiculously quick, simple dinner to shove in my mouth before collapsing into bed, I always find myself craving the light, bright seasonal fruits and veggies that just scream summer to me.

Plus, buying seasonal produce is usually cheaper and will yield the freshest, tastiest foods.

Here are all the fruits and veggies that are in season for July, according to BuzzFeed:

Got it? Good. Now go pick up some delicious, seasonal foods and make some bomb dinners with them. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Summer Garden Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are simple to make and easy to customize, so feel free to adjust based on what you have on hand -- you can bread and fry the fish, top with cabbage and a quick mango salsa or do whatever else floats your boat.

2. Farro + Beet Burgers with Chimichurri Yogurt

Even veggie burger haters may enjoy this tasty, easily veganizeable recipe. (To make it vegan, I recommend using vital wheat gluten instead of eggs to bind the patties.) The meaty texture is just right -- it's not mushy, but it's no hockey puck, either. This is a great meal to make if you have guests over, since you can prep the patties and sauce in advance.

3. Roasted Garlic Butter Bucatini with Burst Tomatoes

This is one of the easiest dinners ever, especially if you make the quick roasted garlic butter in advance -- make extra and plop a pad of that stuff onto just about anything to make it taste delicious!

4. Grilled Pizza with Fontina and Arugula

Grilled pizza? You betcha. You can top it with anything you want, just keep in mind that you're only grilling it for a few minutes, so make sure that any meat and veggies are already cooked to your liking when you throw them atop the cheese.

5. Balsamic Grilled Cherry, Blueberry, Goat Cheese, and Candied Hazelnut Salad

This sweet salad just screams summer! If you're really hungry, you can keep it as a side dish or top with additional protein -- seared tofu, rotisserie chicken or crispy bacon would all be awesome additions.

6. Mango Lime Grilled Chicken

The sweet, tangy sauce will give you that perfect caramelization and those black grill marks that you crave. It's absolutely perfect for your summer barbecue!

7. Scallops with Wilted Spinach and Arugula

Seared scallops make for a really easy yet classy dish that you can whip up in a few minutes and impress anyone. The earthy, peppery kick from the wilted, garlicky greens perfectly rounds out the meal, although if you have a big appetite you might want to serve this along with grilled corn or a hearty grain like quinoa or brown rice.