7 Quick Desserts To Make For Your Fourth Of July Party (Recipes)

Have a great Independence Day!

After you enjoy your appetizers, cocktails and barbecued dinner, make sure you have some handy, festive desserts at the ready. All you need are some tasty red, white and blue treats, most of which only take a few minutes to throw together.

Get ready to dazzle your guests with these quick desserts!

1. Flag Cake

As Ina says, if you don't want to make your own cake, store bought is fine -- you can just top with the gorgeous frosting and fruit stars and stripes. Want more delicious and stunning July Fourth cakes? Here's everything you need.

2. Dessert-Dipped Pretzels

These are just about the easiest dessert ever, so if you totally forgot to make something sweet for your guests, this is the way to go. A great appetizer too!

3. S'mores Dip

Who doesn't love bringing the campfire to your table with decadent, nostalgic s'mores dip? All you need is a little colored sanding sugar -- or even sprinkles or colored candy -- for a dashingly festive dish.

4. Firecracker Yogurt Pops

This healthy, refreshing and fruity dessert hardly tastes as nutritious and low-calorie as it is! Perfect for those trying to cut back on added sugar, though they will be a hit with even sugar lovers, too.

5. Patriotic Bark

This colorful, crunchy bark is as easy as it gets, plus you can customize it to your liking with just about any kind of nuts and candy pieces or even dried fruit. Want to swirl the red and blue right into the melts? Grab some patriotic-colored candy pieces and do it like so.

6. Berry Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake bars are awesome because you get all the tangy, velvety, dense goodness of a regular cheesecake but with a fraction of the work. Of course, you're more than welcome to modify this recipe as you wish (any white or light-colored dessert works just as well, visually) and top with strawberry, raspberry or cherry compote and plop a blueberry on top -- or reverse it and do blueberry compote and a red berry garnish.

7. Three-Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies

Cookie dough is pretty easy to make, but cake mix is even easier if you need something that whips up in just a few minutes and keeps from making a mess. It tastes so rich, too!