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7 Winning Breakfast Burritos And Wraps For Any Occasion (Recipes)

Need a filling breakfast, a quick meal or a mini appetizer or snack?

Then make some breakfast burritos. Everybody loves breakfast burritos, right?

Here's how to roll one up:

If you need to entertain some guests, why not make mini versions? If you want, you can pan-fry them until they are golden and crispy for an extra dose of fun.

Either way, they'll be delicious for just about any occasion.

1. Pulled Pork Breakfast Wraps

These seem elaborate, but they couldn't be any easier, since you can make the pulled pork in the slow cooker beforehand. Then all you need to do is roll it up with your favorite fixings. Yum!

2. Breakfast Taquitos

Ok, not technically burritos (you can make them that way if you want!), but these easily freezable baked egg/sausage/sun-dried tomatoes/avocado/cheese wonders are as delicious as they are easy, so I just couldn't leave them off.

3. DIY Starbucks Spinach-Feta Wrap

Look, nobody really knows why this semi-healthy breakfast option just tastes so dang perfect when you order it from 'Bux. Make them at home and you'll save money and calories, plus you can customize it as you please. Want to add in some bacon or remove the spinach? It's all up to you.

4. Crispy Breakfast Burritos

These pan-fried delights have a nice crunch on the outside, and the inside is full of deliciously tender, flavorful scrambled eggs, ham, fresh tomatoes and melty cheese. Add some veggies like sauteed peppers, mushrooms or spinach if you want to trick yourself into eating some nutritious food.

5. SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito

Whether you've never tried the drive-in fast food chain's delectable breakfast burritos or you're completely hooked, you'll adore the homemade version that gets jam-packed with creamy eggs, breakfast sausage, gooey cheddar, crispy tater tots, jalapenos, crunchy onions and fresh tomatoes.

6. Vegan Breakfast Burrito with Daiya Pepperjack

The impossibly melty vegan cheese (of course, you can use regular if you want) melts down into what almost tastes like a cheesy sauce and perfectly coats the spicy sauteed mushrooms. Seasoned and browned tofu, seitan or tempeh would be great too!

7. Cinnamon French Toast Wrap

Are you craving something on the sweet side? If savory breakfasts just don't hit the spot for you, these wraps -- which use a similar egg-soaking process as regular French toast -- will rock your socks off, especially when you add in a little almond butter and/or your favorite fruit.