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8 Gooey Lava Cakes That Are Beyond Scrumptious (Recipes)

Like the chocolate chip cookie and many other fabulous desserts, the chocolate lava cake was said to be invented by accident. The story goes that a chef made a ton of mini cakes for a big event and realized at the last second that, to his horror, all of the cakes were still runny in the middle -- yikes!

So what did he do? Rather than throw them all back in the oven and delay things, he told everyone that the molten "lava" center was there on purpose.

From there, it's been a huge hit, and I can scarcely imagine a dessert menu without the gooey, warm cake.

I have to say, it was a pretty genius move. Celebrate the quirky history of this tasty treat and whip one up today! They're not as hard to make as you might think.

1. Chef John's Chocolate Lava Cake

The classic version -- for traditionalists and everyone who enjoys a luscious, moist chocolate dessert.

2. Molten Nutella Lava Cakes for Two

A really easy (and tasty!) shortcut getting that classic chocolate ooze with a nutty twist!

3. Dulce de Leche Lava Cake​

WHOA. I'm drooling here. This stunning treat seems like it would take hours, but if you buy yourself some dulce de leche sauce, all you need to do is mix together a few ingredients in one bowl, bake and voila!

4. Lemon Lava Cake

Ooh! A tangy, bright summery take on the classic dessert. If you want, you can experiment with different citrus fruits, like Meyer lemons, for instance. Just keep in mind that you might need to reduce the sugar a little if you're using something on the sweeter side.

5. Black Bean Lava Cake

Healthy, gluten-free and surprisingly moist and delicious. It's a win-win-win situation.

6. Molten Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo


8. Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Blackberry Wine Sauce

Fancy! With the bright kick that this darkly decadent cake gets from orange zest and thyme, I can't think of a better dessert to serve for a hot summer date.