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8 Phenomenal Cocktails Perfect For June (Recipes)

May is gone, June is here and summer is fast approaching.

Aack! What do we drink? Don't worry, friends, I've got it all sorted out for you. Whip up any of these lovely, refreshing cocktails to usher in the new season, whether you're by yourself or throwing a huge party. 

These crowd-pleasers are always a big hit, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. Planter's Punch

Why not kick off the summer months with a classic, intensely strong, rummy sweet/bitter drink?

2. Summerlin

Few things feel as summery as easy-to-mix rum. Combine that with fresh watermelon juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and an optional (but outstanding) cracked pepper garnish for a crisp libation. Want to get even more festive? Make it in a big batch and serve in a watermelon keg.

3. Ten Rickey

It's easy to think of all summery drinks as being sweet and crammed full of fruit, but that doesn't have to be the case. Refreshing cocktails can be simple too, like this classic fizzy sweet and sour gin number.

4. Cucumber Basil Gimlet 

If you've never had a gimlet before, you might think of it as an outdated old person drink. Try it and you'll realize how wrong you were -- the perfectly balanced sweet and sour cocktail is a refreshing delight. Add cucumber and gin and you'll be completely amazed at the smooth green summer perfection that is this drink.

5. June Gloom

This slightly bitter yet bright drink is absolutely popping with citrus. The activated charcoal brings the "gloom" to this riff on a margarita, but you can absolutely leave it out if you'd prefer.

6. Maryum's Grass Skirt

A number of unexpected flavor combos come together to bring an exciting complexity to this unusually interesting and deliciously beachy drink. You'll be amazed at how smooth this mix of rum, rose hip, pineapple, mint, brandied cherries and a splash of rye whiskey is.

7. Fig and Walnut Julep

This ever-so-slightly earthy, deep and sweet drink has everything you want, all rolled into one. The ingredient list is a bit long but well worth it. Looking for something simpler? Here are 10 different ways you can riff on a mint julep.

8. Caribeno

With coconut water, soft white rum, lime juice and simple syrup to sweeten the deal, this hydrating cocktail will cool you off on even the hottest of days. Considering the nourishing aspect of coconut water, this might also be a good one to drink if you're nursing a hangover and looking for some hair of the dog.