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8 Sweet Easter Eggs Perfect For Kids And Adults (Recipes)

What better way to get ready for Easter festivities than by making edible Easter eggs? 

As delightful as those decorated hard-boiled ones are (learn how to make them here), there's no denying that the classics can get a little boring or overwhelming if you make too many -- how are you going to eat them all?

That's where sweet eggs come in handy! They are tasty, they'll give you some nice variety, and they smell way better.

Plus, who ever complained about having too much chocolate?

1. Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

These taste a bit like Reese's cups, but they have that homemade flair to them. They whip up in a flash, and they are so cute and fun! Kids and adults alike will adore these.

2. Easter Egg Cake Pops

You can make these with any kind of cake you want (hello dry mix, I'm looking at you!), but I love them with fresh, festive lemon cake and think you will too. Here's how to make a quick one from scratch if you need a base.

3. Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg

You can mold and decorate these chocolate shells pretty quickly, which gives you more time to find things like candy and toys to stuff them with.

4. Four-Ingredient Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

Add some food coloring to the frosting to make it kid-friendly, or make like me by adding a couple spoonfuls of whipped cream vodka so you don't have to share with your little cousins.

5. Creme Eggs

They look and taste just like the ones you'll find in the store -- you know, those adorable and delicious eggs with the gooey yellow-orange center. Feel free to jazz these up however you want; you can add a chocolate or caramel center, or you can keep it simple but add a couple drops of orange extract to the "yolk" for an extra kick.

6. Deep Fried Easter Creme Eggs

Alternately, this is a great way to deep fry your Easter, especially if you end up with too many creme eggs (is there such a thing though?) and want to switch things around.

7. Creme Egg Pies

Ok, not technically Easter eggs, but they're close enough and yummy enough that you won't complain. Decorate them with Easter-themed frosting designs to further the eggy illusion.

8. Easter Egg Popcorn Balls

These are easy and light, making them the perfect sweet snack. Hollow them out and fill them with candy or just keep it simple and form them into big popcorn balls. Either way is scrumptious.