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8 Ways To Breathe Glorious New Life Into Leftover Cake (Recipes)

CAKE. It's that wonderful thing no one can ever seem to get enough of -- except when you have a little too much of it!

Because few things are as sad as the disappointment of finding stale cake in the fridge, I'd here to save you from that fate. With these outstanding ways to use leftover cake, you'll be thrilled the next time you have some extra to spare.

1. Leftover Cake Bread Pudding

Tender, moist and sweet bread pudding is always delicious, but here's the best part about making it with leftover cake: Bread pudding is actually best when the bread is a little dried out, so the more stale the better in this case.

2. Cake Shake

Keep it simple, and crumble in a small slice of cake (including the frosting!) that gets blended with ice cream and a little milk, or go super extravagant and get some ideas from the over-the-top shakes linked above.

3. Cake Crumb Fudge Brownies

Because there's absolutely no way that crunchy, butter-fried cake crumbs could possibly be anything but amazing sprinkled over your favorite brownie recipe, right? RIGHT!?

4. Grilled Cake

The recipe calls for pound cake, but you can really use anything you want, though you might want to scrape off any frosting and reapply it at the end so it doesn't melt off.

5. Cake French Toast

This recipe recommends using pound cake, but you can use any type of cake you want, provided that it's minimally frosted and sturdy enough -- stale cake works great here. Knock yourself out.

6. Jaffa Cake Truffles

Zesty orange dark chocolate truffles? Don't mind if I do. With leftover or pre-made cake, orange dark chocolate (or just get regular chocolate plus either orange zest or orange extract), ever-so-slightly boozy Cointreau/Triple Sec (optional but delicious!) and creamy melted chocolate, these cake pops will never let you down.

7. Trifle

If you only know trifle as that thing that Rachel doesn't know how to make, you are totally missing out, my friend. This sweet, creamy layered dessert recipe recommends using "a ruined cake, because rescuing a cake disaster and turning it into a trifle adds the sweet taste of victory to your dessert," but you can really use anything you want, even store-bought pound cake.

8. Crumb Pie Crust

This recipe uses cookies as its base, but you can absolutely use cake instead. Crumble it up with the food processor or squish it with your hands. The frosting will bind it, though you'll likely want to bake it for a few minutes until it's just about crispy. These would be delicious with your favorite custard or cream pie -- more filling ideas here.