93-Year-Old Man's Trip

93-Year-Old Man's Trip To His Local McDonald's Takes An Unexpected Turn (Photos)

Harry Scott, a 93-year-old widower, has eaten at the same McDonald’s every day except Sundays since 2013.

Six years ago, Harry lost his wife Martha. With no children, he became lonely and eventually began visiting the Workington, Cumbria, McDonald’s, where he found a sense of community and became friendly with the staff. 

“The kids who come in here are mine as I don’t have any of my own,” Harry told the Daily Mail. “It’s company for me.”

When Harry’s 93rd birthday came around, the staff knew they should do something special for him.

Employees hung banners and balloons around the table Harry usually sits at. They gave him shortbread and a bottle of whiskey, plus his Happy Meal was free. The staff also told him that from now on, his Happy Meals would always be free. 

Needless to say, Harry was touched by the generous gesture.

“When they threw the surprise party I had to wipe my eyes,” Scott said. 

“He’s a one-off,” Jack Holliday, an employee of McDonald’s, said. “We get regular customers but he’s one that stands out.”

“He’s bubbly and full of life, especially for a 93-year-old.”