A Chocolate Bunny For The Golden Age Of Selfies (Photos)||Selfie Bunny

A Chocolate Bunny For The Golden Age Of Selfies (Photos)

If you grew up in America, Palmer candies likely played a significant part of your chocolate-eating youth -- trick-or-treating, Christmas stocking stuffers, Valentine's Day gifts, Easter egg hunting.

R.M. Palmer may be the name behind the company's chocolate Easter Bunny, but I'm afraid the classic bunny is getting a modern makeover for the New Age (pictures below).

Here is an Easter gift you can present to youths of the millennial era: a self-absorbed chocolate bunny too consumed with its chocolate cellphone to bother looking the part as jolly ol' Easter Bunny.

Both chocolate rabbits look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and extra toothy); the pink rabbit takes selfies, while the blue one looks amusingly at a chocolate screen (Refinery29 suspects boy bunny of finding the perfect angle for a new Tinder pic).

Admittedly, they're cute chocolate rabbits. And we can't blame Palmer for doing their thing (and still going strong since 1948), which is: "Making Candy Fun."

These Selfie Bunnies are packaged in cardboard with cutout selfie props to be used for presumably, a selfie with the Selfie Bunny.

Uploading the picture to Instagram or Facebook with the tag #selfiebunny enters you into a contest for a free vacation for two to Chicago. Still, that is hardly necessary; selfies are ubiquitous now, and you can bet one iPhone-toting tot or teen will invariably snap a selfie in a second without instruction or lure of free vacation.

Instagramming chocolate delights is a hardly new concept -- there exists an entire subculture dedicated to junk food and desserts. Twist the concept backward (chocolate Instagram) and you get a hollow milk chocolate bunny wielding a smartphone.

Delish reports "Selfie Bunnies" will be a part of R.M. Palmer's lineup of Easter chocolates come 2018, which gives us enough time to come to terms with this unexpected (and possibly unnecessary) change in the classic rabbit caricature.

Easter is six months away; only time will reveal further iterations of chocolate or candy made for the selfie age, or if this is just a silly April Fools' joke (Easter falls on April 1).