A Pizza Box Made Out of Actual Pizza

A Pizza Box Made Out of Actual Pizza

The world might be crumbling around us, but in these hard times, you can surely find comfort in pizza. If you love pizza(that covers about 99% of the human race), then the pizza box pizza from Vinnie’s Pizzeria is for you!

Interesting words? Well, interesting is the notion. It is a pizza box that is made out of pizza. And what’s inside the box? Well duh. pizza

The origins of this creation go a few years back when Sean Berthiaume, the co-owner, noticed something. He saw that the customers would order a pizza to go, eat in the restaurant, and once done, they clog up the trash can with the pizza boxes that were made out of paper. And that’s when he created this contraption.

So how’s the pizza box for the pizza made?

Well first, the base or bottom of the box is made, as you might have expected. The base is a Sicilian dough slathered in a zesty marinara sauce. After that comes, Parmesan, mozzarella, and oregano.

That’s it! After that, it’s just the pizza that is packed into the box, which is basically a classic pepperoni pizza. At the end comes the lid. On this one, there’s no sauce as it’s essentially a giant garlic bread that is closed over the pizza. And if you are wondering, it does indeed fit into a paper pizza box—quite the delicious marvel.

You can get it at Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn.