Adult Ring Pops Are The Childhood Candy You Need (Photos)

Adult Ring Pops Are The Childhood Candy You Need (Photos)

When did candy become just for children?

Maybe the proverbial clock started ticking when we were told that Trix was just for kids or when we realized how inappropriate it was to be sucking on powdered, candy bottle pops. They're called baby bottle pops, aren't they?

Sweet Saba is here to propose an adult candy. That's right silly rabbit, these Campari-flavored ring pops are for adults only!

You could decidedly say that candy experts at Sweet Saba created these cocktail rings, which in this case is literal, to reconcile that inner child spirit with the external booze-permitted adulthood. Although, note: these rings are cocktail-flavored only, hold the booze.

Adult Ring Pops

This tasty ring pop doubles as a cocktail ring and is a bit like a cocktail itself. Made with Campari, the bittersweet Italian liqueur that gives the classic Negroni aperitif its distinct flavor, Saba ring pops are blinged out from taste to sight. And they triple as cocktail garnishes, too! 

Each pop comes with an adjustable silver band for your choice of ring bling or cocktail dressage. They also make great conversation starters: "Why did you just dip your cocktail ring into your Negroni and why are you licking it?

Pictured below are Saba's chic bling creations, which come in a glistening red-orange brilliance that looks like how we imagine our Ring Pop engagement ring of '90s yore. It kind of takes us back to a time of monkey bar proposals and Britney Spears pop music. Only these are a reimagined Ring Pop and cannot be acquired with lunch money or pocket change.

Adult Ring Pops

They go for an immodest $62 a pop, but that is to be expected with luxury designer candy. Sweet Saba also makes candy confections that pass as precious jewels, while others are fashioned into more absurd shapes like a wad of cash and mixtapes. Their sweets collection is worth checking out.

And if you wish to stave off buyer's remorse, Saba assures that each candy bling is handcrafted and (bonus!) 10 percent of the proceeds go to City Harvest, a New York City non-profit organization that works to collect excess food and distributes to the hungry.

If you like it, you should definitely put a Campari ring on it.