Aerate Your Wine In Seconds With Simple Kitchen Items

Aerating wine is a great way to bring out the rich flavors in your glass and make it taste less harsh. Also known as "letting it breathe," decanting wine is a really great way to make the cheap stuff taste a little more expensive.

There are lots of gadgets you can buy to expose your wine to oxygen as your pour it, and most of them work pretty well. Ideally, you would pour the wine through an aerator into a decanter, a glass bottle with a wide bottom, and let it sit for as long as several hours. But who even has that stuff sitting around? What if you didn't plan ahead, but you still want your wine to taste great? Don't worry -- we have three super simple ways to aerate your win using common kitchen items that you probably already have on hand.

Let It Breathe

This one involves a fair amount of time, but people constantly overthink wine stuff, and we wanted to let you know that all you have to do to aerate your wine is leave it out. If you have a few hours, but you don't have a container handy, simply uncork the bottle a few hours early and let it sit for a while. It's not the most efficient method, but you plan ahead it's pretty simple. 

Ok, but what if you have company over, and the only bottle you have left is that $4 bottle? Time to pull out the big guns. Read on.

The Blender Technique

Yes, you read that right. Empty your entire bottle of wine into a blender, and blend it on high for 30 seconds. It looks completely ridiculous, but it will make your wine taste 10 times better. It's going to be a little frothy, so let it rest for a minute before you start sipping.

The Pitcher Technique

This one is our favorite, and it looks a little less weird. Simply take two pitchers, dump your wine into one of them, and pour it from one pitcher to another 15 times. That's it. Enjoy!