Aliens Will Love These 7 Space Themed Cocktails Drinks (Recipes)

Aliens Will Love These 7 Space Themed Cocktails Drinks (Recipes)

If you want to throw a creepy party this Halloween, why not go alien-themed? The outer space sci-fi aesthetic is full of ethereal, shimmering, smoking and sometimes unsettling images, and it lends itself perfectly to the spooky holiday while putting a somewhat different spin on the usual eyeballs and monsters.

Plus, you get to enjoy some thoroughly delicious alien-themed drinks, space drinks, space-themed drinks, and space-themed cocktails, space cocktails, alien cocktails and space themed cocktail drinks.


1. The Color-Changing Martini

Color-Changing Martini

 Surprisingly, a few dashes of red cabbage juice and baking soda coupled with dry ice make this martini do all kinds of wild things. Note that this is a standard dry martini, so it's not going to be sweet despite the bright colors.


2. The Fox Mulder

The Fox Mulder

With floral rye whiskey, bright lemon, zingy pineapple juice and a float of ethereal, herbaceous Green Chartreuse, this cocktail somehow manages to taste both out there and grounded at the same time.


3. The Upside Down Blackberry Smash

The Upside Down Blackberry Smash

This "Stranger Things" cocktail is a little spooky, but once you get into it, you'll find that it's sweet and, like the Upside Down, a little hard to pull yourself out of. If you don't want to spring for black food coloring, you can sub in a little activated charcoal or swap the regular vodka for black vodka. Want to make it even more eerie? Add a bit of dry ice like so.


4. Brain Shooter

Brain Shooter

 This nasty little shooter really does look like a brain, though with Southern Comfort (you can use your favorite whiskey or vodka if you'd prefer, though no promises that it'll look the same), triple sec and Irish cream, it tastes pretty nice. Just make sure to pour the ingredients (which should all be the same temperature) very slowly and carefully so that they layer properly. For something even wilder, here's how to make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage.


5. Pangalactic Gargleblaster

 If you fancy "having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick," then the "Best Drink in Existence" (adapted with Earthly ingredients, of course) is for you. Add a few flakes of gold leaf or a glug of Goldschlager and garnish with a twist if you want!


6. Sonic Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdriver

This easy, sweet drink combines the signature blue and green for a gorgeous combination of a few different looks, but if you'd rather have something that looks a little more allons-y and less Geronimo, you can make this version. Feel free to add in your own shimmery liqueur, and don't forget to GET. YOUR. COAT.


7. The Outer Galaxy

the Outer Galaxy

 If you're craving a big tropical drink but want to keep to the space aesthetic, this is the one for you! If it's hot out, you can blend the ingredients with ice. Or for an easier, faster version, skip that step and serve it on the rocks. (Star-shaped ice cubes would be fun here!)